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    frigginwizard Well-Known Member

    Can I mix nutes for a 10 gallon res in 5 gallons of water(or less) and then add to water in its final res?
    I use Armor Si and as I understand it I need to add that first while stirring, if I can mix the nutes in less water, will that be a problem for that supplement in particular?

    majins Well-Known Member

    I mix 35L worth of nutes in two 2.5L mixes for my DWC tub.

    I use hose to fill 20L in tub.
    Mix up 2.5L of Part A, Which is 40ml worth.
    Transfere that into tub.
    Run hose again for 5L to mix it.
    Mix up 2.5L of Part B, Which is 40ml worth.
    Then run hose again for 5L to fill up to my full line.
    Let it settle for 5mins then suck out 2L with my hand pump and check EC which is usually around 1.2-1.3
    Then adjust PH which iv worked out from the first fill when I had no plants is 1.3ml of PH down. Add that into the 2L and hand pump it back in which does a good job of mixing it.

    I do it that way since they say not to add high dosages or straight Part A and B together on my nutes packet.
    Only side effects iv noticed is if the roots grow into the area where my access hole is, They get a little stained on the tips from part A which is a bright red color.

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