Mold in dry buds?

Hi all,

I am not sure but I think this is mold.. I have issue with one bud before harvest.

11 days of drying.

Now when I split some of the big buds I see this... :cry:

1. Its mold, right?
2. Can it be saved?
3. Is it contagious? I need to sterilize tent and my dryer?
4. An easy way to sort out the good buds?


Adding photos from 3 buds



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Yah that is mold. Easy way to tell without busting out the magnifier - when you flick a bit with your fingernail, does a little puff of smoke come out? That is spores being released. Not to be confused with trichome heads falling off, which will look more like tiny specks of dust than a little cloud.

It's not contagious if the bud is already dried. Mold spores are everywhere and it only takes one to infect a whole plant, but they require the right conditions to germinate and start growing. Rather than disinfect and sterilize (unless there is like, mold actively growing on the walls of your space), focus on keeping your plants healthy and your environment in check so mold does not have a chance to get started next time.

I personally would not try to save the parts that have mold on them, but you might be able to salvage quite a bit if you break the nugs down and separate the dead/moldy bits from the green/non-moldy bits.
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Yes I can see that if I am flicking in front of the light.

It was the humidity + some root issues.. I guess.
Some days I couldn't save it under 60% and it was lock down, couldn't get a dehumidifier..

I just checked 100g buds under the magnifier & microscope.. more than half are with minor signs (not close to the pictures I uploaded)

Now I am checking the other plant (blue dream) and I think its clean, but in the microscope everything looks suspicious now so I am not sure and suspecting 2 big buds, I will photo with the microscope and upload.

Is the bud flick check is good enough?
And what if its so minor under the microscope that I can't be sure?
Is it safe to use If I can't see it or almost can't see it?

Its a 4 months harvest... and this is plant is the CBD I needed medically...
It will be nice to save some.

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The flick check is what I use when I can't tell with the naked eye. I usually just scratch a bit with the tip of the scissors in front of a black background. Should be much more obvious under the microscope but it takes forever to examine that way.

It's up to your discretion how much to keep/toss. I personally would treat it like moldy bread - keep the parts that still look green and healthy and cut out and toss the brown/dead bits.


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Thanks, I found this guide on h2o2 wash, but not sure how I can do it with dry buds...

I am so sorry...bud washing is for freshly fxxkup I was high and didn't realize it had been dried.
Sure, I will not.
But I am afraid of not able to see some microscopic that inside the clean buds... I will throw away all what I can see (more than 50%) but not sure with the rest..

Also I have second plant that was in the same tent, I didn't saw any, but I need now to crack all the buds to test them.. I wish I knew I can wash them before drying.
What do you say guys?
would you toss buds with this minor sign (if at all) as in the last photos?
Its from the second plant.. its 4 months harvest.. I want to cry...
What do you say guys?
would you toss buds with this minor sign (if at all) as in the last photos?
Its from the second plant.. its 4 months harvest.. I want to cry...
Sucks man, hurts to see it. Had a mildew issue in my room last round and scrapped half the grow. The plants that I did harvest I cleaned really well with a bud wash solution before they dried. Chalk it up as a learning experience and dispose. Not worth trying to salvage and worrying about potential risk of smoking mold....take care.
Thank you guys for the support. I will toss this plant. its CBD after all :)
I will buy me some to try, I wanted it for medical reasons.

The second plant has minor minor issues.
I will keep it in the jars and see. If the mold exist it will spread and I will toss it.

Hard lesson, next time I will keep on under 40% at flowering.
Also I learned a bout bud wash, I may tried that too.

It came out that its easier to me to grow at summer, cause the air condition is working and lowering the humidity.
But time for a bigger tent with a place for a good humidifier.

Thanks again