Molly prices??

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    canndo Well-Known Member

    Someone is propagating about half of all the current drug myths in .

    Check dance safe for a dose of reality.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    Please don't believe all this.
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    canndo Well-Known Member

    This is near pure crap. What the he'll is "near 500 micro dots"?

    When dealing with blotter, strychnine is not active in small enough quantities to reside on it. Nor 2cb for that matter.

    Nor is it an rc.

    Please don't believe fabrications about drugs.


    herein.mygarden Member

    10 bucks a point is the standard back home (at least it was a couple years back) I see people here saying 20 a g and it blows my mind, course quality comes into play as well it was always nice because we have a big university near by and those college kids goin after their bachelor's in chemistry need some kind of funding

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    man, i really miss the old regulars of this section canndo..
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    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    Iol ask your girl about that dope d
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    canndo Well-Known Member

    As do I. There has always been the service of harm reduction, knowledge, caution and debunking of myth.

    Drug users, for some reason just love myth.

    "mdma puts holes in your brain"
    " the reason stuff gets you high is because it is a poisin"
    "LSD stays in your spinal fluid"
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    jayfromphillyarea New Member

    Southern smoke, what's good? How do I get ahold of you?

    jayfromphillyarea New Member

    Ok, so everyone knows what the prices are. What I want to know is where to get it. For the past few months I had a steady connect for it. Then it went to shit and I can't get it anymore. I spent countless amount on going to edm festivals to try and find it again. All I can ever find is acid. I want Molly. Can someone please tell me, go here, look for that..I'm desperate here. Thanks for any replies

    jayfromphillyarea New Member

    Where? Can you please tell me where? I'm on the next flight

    canndo Well-Known Member

    Like that is ever, ever going to happen. We are here to recall a lost Era, compare notes and perhaps teach or learn. We are not exchanging dangerous and illegal substances with each other.

    Nor are we here to endanger our freedom or the freedom of others.

    Find your drugs from your friends, test them and perhaps use them in a responsible and knowledgeable fashion.

    Better yet, stick to what you grow yourself.
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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Boom!!! Amen brother! We do Not give Any probable cause to warrant search and seizure, and I Will Die defending that God Blessed Inalienable Right for Everyone. Even you @jayfromphillyarea , you fed. Go get a real job and produce something, instead of trying to destroy Citizen's lives and rights.

    undercoverfbi Well-Known Member

    lol molly, Tina is a better woman she'll treat you right

    cannakis Well-Known Member


    jayfromphillyarea New Member

    I'm not asking you for anything like that! Asking for a suggestion. Go here, look for this. That type of thing. It's not a lost era either. I had a really good connect I met at an edm event. I don't even like the music but I heard that it's where I might find it so I went. It was pure amazing rocks 100 per g. I dealt with them for a few months and then something happened and they got paranoid and stopped. Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I do not aquint myself with friends that do drugs. That's the lost era. I do like M though and would love to be able to do it every few months or so after a proper recovery

    jayfromphillyarea New Member

    Ohh and btw, m will be legal very soon. It's insane to outlaw something so amazing. No one in their right mind would do anything dangerous on it. And you can die from overdoing just about anything especially alcohol. They are using m now in Boston to help vets with ptsd. With the high success rate. It helps you heal. I would never sit there and grow anything as you suggested. I'm not like that. M every few months on special occasion is a different story. And do you honestly think that Feds have nothing better to do but to come on this thread looking to build a case? Common!

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Our forum isn't for drug hookups go elsewhere
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    undercoverfbi Well-Known Member

    even a tweaker like me

    knows not to tinker trades with a guy from mystery

    and I will frown upon thee

    Tina made me meaner
    and molly made me sloppy
    but dope never got me cuz I had fam to stop me
    Lucy made me think I found love once I met her
    but baby drove me Crrazzy, Mary Jane she treat me better
    but if thats the case then I guess dabs would be the mistress
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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Haha I like this.!
    The last word on there says it all... "Common". It Is common that they'd do that. And if you had success before then do it again. I'd say they got sketched because they smelled a Rat.!

    butterbudface Well-Known Member

    32.673 US Dollar for a single gram of very good md, around 240.32 US Dollar for 10grams

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