Monster crop clone grown up & ridiculously dense

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    1102172306~2.jpg Months ago I began some experimenting with flowering clones (aka monster crop clones) which started initially because I ended up with a random bagseed that turned out to be gorgeous, sweet & potent, so naturally I wanted to keep the strain alive to grow it another day...however this was roughly 7 or 8 weeks into bud! DAMN near harvest! I ended up knockin' the plant down about 2 weeks later. Anyhow the ONE cut I took, took root & became a gorgeous, healthy clone!

    Fast forward another 2 months.
    I was utilizing the sun's light & in turn attemtping to keep my electricity bill down & left this now foot & a 1/2 tall plant on my deck. It quite suddenly started putting hairs out like crazy, trying to go full bud by itself with roughly 17 or 18 hours of nearly direct sunlight! Well, it never got to be as bushy & wide as I planned to "help" it get, (planned to LST like crazy & possibly even top it, though it IS a flowered clone so its naturally pretty bushy) and I decided to put it inside under my 400 watt hps for its new 12/12 cycle 'til harvest. Now, yet anothet 5 weeks later this plant (or should I say this one FAT ASS bud!) is a dense and reasonably long monster! As much as this is GENERALLY the preferred outcome for Im guessing 99% of growers, it is scaring me a bit due to its thickness/density & my worry of possible mold! Has anyone had this...Im gonna call it "problem" before? This is my...what like 6th or 7th recent grow, & I have NEVER seen a bud grow this thick! Even the same strain the 1st time around showed nothing similar to this type of growth? I have a that going to be necessary? My room is already sitting what I consider to be happily at around 40-45 rh...? Any experienced input helps, thanks in advance!

    P.s.the pic barely does the actual plant justice...I didnt take a bunch of pics but at its thickest, near the top its about the circumference of a soda can...and possibly a bit thicker!
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    leather lungs

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    Looks good
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    ...ha! Yeah! I mean, yes it's DEFINITELY performing at/& far beyond expectations thus far! I'm attemtping to go through EVERY little detail up til this point to try to figure out if it's something I did that made it "puff up" like it did, or if it's some sort of bizarre side effect of monster cropping I just haven't experienced yet...! Thanks btw!

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    Drop your humidity to 30% rh
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    That bud isn't very thick btw I've had buds that would dwarf that and no mold issues at 30% RH but I usually keep it at 40% until last 2 weeks if I can depending on density and bud size.
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    Lol! Cool...sounds good, and with no pics to support your claim...bud envy much? Ha! ANYWAY so this ACTUAL big ass bud I grew has ended up having ZERO mold issues and I'm about a week from timber time! Thanks for those with useful input as always & catch you back next sesh

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    Looks like it's starting to foxtail. Some think that's a bad thing. I don't.
    You're well more than a week away from harvest. At least two maybe three. All I see is white pistils.
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    Good effort, ignore the naysayers.
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    Yep I noticed that too! And yeah, I've heard people slammin' buds that end up foxtailing before...Idk...I'm just happy it got big enough to justify continuing til harvest vs.the electrical! I GENERALLY/always keep a few (usually 3 or 4) cycling under my 400 hps but had some issues getting my cycle back on track and figured hell w it...she looked bushy enough to justify the grow. She was my 1st and ONLY "monster crop" clone and happily took root, ( I completely forgot she was a random bagseed therefore wouldn't have the chance to keep her genetics!)...also I pollenated a select medium popcorn bud near her base so I CAN continue w least some form of her strain anyhow!

    Oh! And yeah I'd say your'e right on the $ still a couple weeks I'm REALLY hoping to let her go at least long enough for her little lower pollenated bud branch to mature & give me a dozen or more nice chances to grow her strain again down the road!...however I DO like to knock 'em down just a bit before any serious # of trichomes turn amber on me...I just prefer the slightly more "active/stimulant" effect vs. The wheelechair, catatonic!
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    Yep, thanks! Yeah, through the years I've learned stoppin' what I'm doing to give negative people my time only wastes my time...besides, I'm my own biggest critic, if ya wanna criticize my method you'll have to step in line right behind me! Lol

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    Oh btw, as I was checking the trichs earlier and also seeing if the seeds were starting to show I found a little dead leaf with WEBS ON IT!? Only 1 and only a little one but still...good lord! I have NO idea why the little bastards didnt shoot webs over the entire plant and ruin the buds but yeah...thank GOD there not far from the finish line! Here comes the Azamax!

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    If anything, I’d say at least 6.

    @OldAK-MTF907 If you’re seeing “webbing” on one small leaf, it sounds more like Botrytis (“Bud Rot”), than mites. Post a pic of the effected area.

    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    Well...unfortunately I have now found the little pricks on a TON of the lower leaves...still none on the buds though thank god! And no, they're 100% spider mites ( pulled out my gem loupe and watched them on the bottom side of the leaves having a good old time munching chlorophyl...f%;#&ers)...I'm assuming some wild, outdoor breed though due to my bringing a couple of my outdoor plants into my grow space...better than the " marijuana specific double spotted" little shit heads anyday though. They arent spreading quickly so thats really the ONLY silver lining to this sitch

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    Also this is roughly 60 days into flower so I'm about a week & a 1/2-2 weeks from where I'M ready to bring 'em down at least, due to my trich color/maturity preference.

    yardy Active Member

    Hey buddy u got anymore pics of this plant - seems like you got a nice monster there

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    I'm having a party tomorrow night, I get tired around 3 so pop around maybe 2:30 to start clearing them out ^^.
    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    Nice effort. You may want to research spidermites a bit more though. Wild outdoor breed vs mj specific made me chuckle.
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    This is a big bud .

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