Multiple phenos/strains in one SCROG?


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Anyone grow SCROG style with multiple phenos/strains? Ive got 3 plants of Cannarado's sticky sundae going in veg right now, and they are obviously different phenos. One is stretchy/sativa dom and the other 2 are squat and indica looking. Im debating if i should even use my SCROG screen this run with such different looking and growing plants. Im already doing LST and its a chore to keep them all a similar height, and they will definitely finish at different times...

T macc

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I am right now. 33 plants in 1 gallon pots, somewhat scrogged. 8 different strains. It's a mess

You might have to set the screen a little low to accommodate the short plants and flip when you think the sativa will fill the remainder of the screen after flip.

Leo Light

I'm scrogging a sour puss and a strawberry cough plant atm... It was going well until one of them sprouted balls. Considering separating the two now! To share my exp :D