My 220v mistakes

Three Berries

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Shopping on the Aliexpress and not reading the fine Chinese print I ended up getting 4 220v FS LEDs. One is a 50w square white fan-less one. The other three were 'hibay' 80w strip LEDs on a rectangular reflector with no fan. So first problem was throw them away or make them work. The 80w were only $10 ea, the 50w was $40 or so.

First got a 1000w 220v power supply ($65). Then found the 80w got ridiculously hot to touch. So ordered some 120-220v 70mm fans ($15). Took the hanger off the lights and screwed the reflectors directly to some huge heat sinks I just happen to have. Mounted the fan on top of that. It all worked out great.

The lights put out a true 80w each. Using 3 of them I getting 35w per sq ft. It will be a good test of the last tent grow, my first. I was using 2- 60w and they seemed to outgrow the tent but were stretchy. Pulling 275w with all the fans running. I'll add another 15w fan as they get bigger.

Unknow is if the exhaust fan can keep up. But the ambient room temp seldom is above 77F and in the coming winter will be mid 60Fs.

tent 2 lights.jpg

80w 220v led.jpg
50w white LED 220v.jpg

Three Berries

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Well I gave up on them. Got them all the way to the top and OGK is canoeing and showing heat stress though it's not that hot, in the low 70fs.

Replaced with a new 100ww array.