My Amare Full-Bore Pro-4 Grow #1

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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    This grow will be utilizing x6 Amare Pro-4's & x1 SE-450 in a 15'x4.5' area, double trellis scrogiesh w/ 9 plants, Insane Multi-Strain style. image.jpg Here is how they looked last night freshly set. image.jpg
    -x2 Sweet Amnesia
    -x2 Flo
    -x1 Gogi (broke off 1/3 plant branch)
    -x1 SFV-OG (broke off 1/3 plant branch)
    -x1 Ace of Spades
    -x1 Kings Kush
    -x1 Northen Lights

    Day #1

    Nutes: TechNaFlora w/ supplementals by Microbe Life

    Medium: 60% CoCo Biotanicare Aeration / 40% FoxFarms CoCo-LoCo

    Co2: Yes / 700 ppm

    Potts: x2, 10's , x5 , 7's , x1, 5
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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Thank you SixStrings for your musical expertise & inspiration!
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Subbed setup looks great brother nice and clean
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    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser


    your clean rooms are an inspiration for sure

    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    Superb. Well done sir.
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    goofy81 Well-Known Member

    What's the total wattage and expected yields ?
    I see no hoses, all handwatered?
    Also, whats the size of the growing area?
    Curious because i was thinking at once stage of making a middle aisle for my room like this.
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    OP states 15'x4.5' I cannot answer the other questions though.
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    goofy81 Well-Known Member

    Ah, always miss that, we use metric here.
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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!
    2850 watts.
    Yeah, it's my first isle. Last room was wall-wall double trellis, I had to crawl under it every feed & inspection. Wasn't to bad though. This time I have the Cloak on the other side so needed the isle.
    No idea on expected yields. 7 lights would be nice to get 7#'s. But these plants were on tough shape. They were vegged for a long time under very low light. Some of the monsters only had 2 CFL's over them & the rest were squeezed under 1 T-5 in the temp. Veg room. For 1 1/2 month prior to this. They did get almost 2 weeks under some Amares though. image.jpg They've had it rough.
    Snapped a few big branches right off n some are taped up.
    Just hoping for the best.
    Yeah, I hand water. Well, kindve, do use a hose, wand n pump.
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    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    i hate when shit gets lanky and fragile, its just a pain in the ass later

    anymore i wait a week or two and start over if they get too big.
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    goofy81 Well-Known Member

    You should definitely hose up, and drip feed.
    My plants suck up 6 litres a day atm in 11-12gal pots , unless you handfeed twice during lights on, i dont think your plants will be getting enough juice.
    But they look pretty healthy in the photo, so what do i know?...
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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Rails are up. image.jpg image.jpg Hopefully it fills in decent.
    Flushing them tonight. They're slightly poisoned from my going to heavy on the new Microbe nute I've never used.
    Never follow the directions! Lol!

    zep_lover Well-Known Member

    cant wait for the new show!looking pro as always!
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    fROGGled Well-Known Member

    Disclosure: I keep Hybridway on ignore but just happened to see this thread while signed out and was wondering if anyone had the following opinion.

    Warning: The following questions, opinions and statements do not necessarily contain alot of love for Amare or PetFlora and may offend the easily offended, the needlessly positive and the objectively challenged.

    So is it just me but wtf is the point of those extra monos and whites?:confused: What mA and/or beam angle can they be running at that they're helping, especially at that distance? From what I can tell they're practically obliterated by the COBs and the COBs' metal collar on those 3 COB models and that's what a suppossed premium priced brand has to offer in design and functionality? Am I missing something here? :confused: I'll shut the eff up in a moment and enjoy the show, (beautiful setup), but I just don't see the value or advantage in their offerings. Don't really see them as efficient at the wall or photosynthetically, especially with that design. Plus the brand is Pet approved so that's the kiss of death right their IMHO. Go ask Bustas Makin' Lumens. They had to change their name to get that stench off :P.
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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Haha! You really have no clue what you're talking about. Not the faintest.
    I could answer your questions but you sound way to closed minded & it would be a waste of even more time then this response.
    Either way, Enjoy the show!

    goofy81 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to turn on the blue/red only and take a photo to see the spread of it on the plants?

    Froggled, I don't see any blue, red with my own eyes coming out of the sun either, just a thought. My 20w worth of far red in my grow room can barely be seen! So I don't think we should quickly come to conclusions.

    Although some here find it annoying the way hybridway preaches about his lights you have to admire his respect and loyalty to a brand and what seems to be his now friend Victor.

    I personally, will never purchase amare, or any other brand out there as long as things are diy'able. But seeing different types, styles, configurations, of LEDS opens our minds and gets us curious on how they perform.

    In the end, we're all just trying to be the best growers we can. And we should all be happy as long as the gear we own gives us results we like.

    Anyway, I have to ask, you use a single piece of string to create a net?!

    born2grow1 Well-Known Member

    Here a pic with all on and another pic with just monos and one with just cobs

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    Tomula Active Member

    Very nice, so those are CXB3590s in there? Good luck man, and keep the girls happy! :leaf:
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    born2grow1 Well-Known Member

    Actually its cxb 3070 Amare se 450 with 3 wicked csick cxa cob I wish they were 3590 lol. And thanks man its liberty haze pretty tricky strain to get dialed in but their happy so makes me happy
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    Big smo

    Big smo Well-Known Member

    Same thing I see in my space. Brown to white when I flip the monos. A huge benefit for them that I see is vegging plants. Since they are on separate switches the cobs don't need to be on initially. From seed I grow the plants between 8-12 inches tall under monos only.

    Hybrids pictures are deceiving at this stage. When he drops them or the plants grow to the 18" distance the monos still blend well and are beneficial as far as my grows with them vs without have been. I have done this many times in the summer while trying to lower overall room wattage. I agree from the pictures the monos are not doing much at 30-36 inches.

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