my first batch of Butter and Honey

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    Just figured I would share this with anyone looking to do this and what I did, and the amounts I used. I did not weigh anything but I will say I used a medium potent strain, and a very dry seeded bud harvested fairly early.


    • 2 sticks of unsalted butter
    • 1.5 TBSP of creamed raw honey
    • 1 small bud about 2.5" long x 1.25" dia. approximately
    • Broke it all up with fingers semi fine
    • Baked to decarboxylate in a larger mason jar covered with foil, 240 degrees for 1 hour
    • Placed cooled weed in a smaller 8 oz. mason jar
    • Poured the small pan of melted butter and honey over the weed
    • Filled almost to top
    • Covered tight and shook every 15 minutes until the jelling affect set in
    The shaking is needed or the weed particles would all sink to the bottom, but after a while the shaking with the jelling gets to a consistency where the particles can no longer sink. For two mornings now I have spread this on 1/4 of a Bagel and I have had a really nice mild high for the late morning through the afternoon. Takes about one hour to start kicking in. The Honey is called a creamed type (help me on this type) since I never really had any knowledge off, so this is the type of honey I used (I actually really like this honey type better) but I suppose it really depends on the what you are using it for. -Thanks for reading!


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