My first ever DWC auto flower grow

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    What's up guys my first ever DWC grow 5x
    Autoflower strains

    Pyramid seed auto purple
    Big head seeds freeze berry auto
    Royal queen seeds royal dwarf
    Adavace seeds blue diesel auto
    Bomb seeds big bomb auto

    Currently on day 19 had some serious issues in the beginning with nutrients but all is squared away

    Running the Lucas method currently at 1/4 strength 0-2-4 with GH 3 part but obv only micro and bloom

    4x4 tent
    440cfm exhaust
    240cfm intake
    600 watt i power dimmable ballast
    Air Cooled tube reflector

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    tr00thz Active Member

    Consider me tuned in. Plants do look nice and healthy right now.

    urbanfarmerz Member

    Nice glad to have you here is a little update from this morning

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    urbanfarmerz Member

    Little update Day 23 all girls face mag def but all is good here you go there really starting to take off

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    urbanfarmerz Member

    Little update sorry everyone been slacking on the updates but here they are day 39
    0-6-12 GH nutes
    Hydrogaurd Full strength
    calmag full strength
    Epsom 1/2 tsp per 2 gallons

    How do the look

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    urbanfarmerz Member

    Day 60 update
    Hwre we go guys firat time drow dwc style

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    be4meliz Well-Known Member

    Looking good, Urban- I use the same system and grew White Widow Autos 1st round-love the bubble buckets and Hydro-I might suggest cutting access hole in lid with holesaw in order to fill/drain and draw water samples for Ph/PPM testing-I use battery power syphon to drain and 60Ml. syringe with air tube to draw samples- makes life easy. Have had 5 successful grows since last DEC. Also Hydroguard or something comparible to avoid rootrot(never had an issue since using with bucket temps up to 75 deg..
    Jypsy Dog

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