My Microwave Cart Masterpiece

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    It's me again... We're going into week 8 and it seems like it's going for round 2 of flower... If that's possible. I should have posted this from the beginning as it has been a micro grow in a microwave cart. I started my first thread in the auto section because I was excited to have my first auto... But over there they're concerned about how big to get one and haven't had much luck over there socially lol... But here's some pics. It's Fastbuds GSC... The first pic is my sick ass Binary Root System®

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    Well... Came home this afternoon to find that the leaves were mostly dead... Great... Time to chop this memory down...

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    What happened????
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    WTF are doing to your plants man? thats just cruel.
    reading/following a grow bible(growweedeasycom etc) will
    give you perfect results the first time. no guesswork anymore, the cats out the bag

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