My one and only male

Dank Budz

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So I'm doing a little experiment, recently back to growing after years away. Have a few girls outside. This icy grapes male is outdoor as well, though seperate from the females. This male is TINY, it's very young too for showing its sex. (They were all planted late in season, part of experiment.) I'm talking like 3-4 inches maybe. I haven't grown out many males, so I'm not sure exactly when the pods will begin to open. Would it be worth trying to grow out to collect some pollen to Chuck? I'd hate to waste him, look at those colors. Edit: to clarify I mean worth risking open pollination of the few girls I have outside as wellIMG_20201216_081250.jpg

go go kid

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it may be worth a try for early flowering traits it may pass on to a strain its crossed with. it sounds like it would be good fr that, but keep it far away from your grow, or you will polinate every preflower you have on the lady's