My Weed Stinks


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No flush? Bad seeds? Bad lighting? Bad trimming? you need to give us a bit more information before you can get a real answer. If you didn't cure your plants, just drying them till they were crispy, then your answer is probably there.



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Too hot most likely. You want the temperatures to be around the mid 20Cs. How did you manage to get a concrete closet?


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If you're using chemical nutrients and not organic and it tastes like crap you gotta flush that shit out if it's tasting bad -- or better switch to organic then it always tastes awesome and you don't have to flush. If it's grassy/planty you're not drying/curing properly.

When you say stank you'll have to be more specific. A lot of strains (including some good ones) can have a sour smell that can range from diesel-like to rotting fruit to even urine smelling (super silver haze smelled like cat piss to me). Sensi star for me was like pungent old gym socks. A real stinker, but good stuff. I prefer strains that aren't too stinky. Of course there are some skunks that smell like.... well.

"Indo? Smells mo' like outdo'!"