Hey guys , the pictures provided is my first (!) successful outdoor grow and I am in love with it like a baby .

A few questions, where I live it is getting chilly outside, it worries me. my pistols are about 40% orange id say and my trichomes LOOK white-ish but I can’t really tell to be honest... based on my pictures provided would you say it is ready to chop down? Or should i give It more time?

another concern, due to my living environment I am required to hang them in a small tool shed in my backyard . Any advice on how to ensure that it will dry correctly ?

Lastly, there seems to be division on the trimming process in the community. HOW MUCH of the leaves should I cut off before hanging them upside down.

the strain is either chocolope or great white shark. I’m honestly not sure.

I appreciate any advice given and I love you all


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I see no pics but the place to look for the trichomes is on the calyx, ON the bud itself.
For the drying make sure it has a bit of air turbulance but nothing much. You can put them in a box with a couple of 2-3" holes around.
You can cut as much of the leaves as you like but you want the trichs right? Up to that point is a good measure.


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Keep the leaves on for slower drying if you can otherwise control temperature and humidity. You'll have a nicer product. Sometimes removing leaves is necessary to reduce volume, odors and drying time depending on circumstances. Less of an issue for me now because I was able to build a drying room with climate and odor control. I still have to buck off some leaves because I'm packing it home from a guerrilla grow.