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hello all,so here is a brief snapshot of my story
Earlier this year my father in law was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer leukaemia & myeloma he is 70 years old after going through chemo he is now in remission from leukaemia ,up until 3 weeks ago he was doing ok,but over the last few weeks he has been taking falls and his short term memory was poor,so after a fall last week and a bang to his head he was admitted to hospital,after being in hospital a few days he had a mri & ct scan the results from that we was told there was no bleed but they found a mass in his brain but was not sure what it was,the neurologists had a meeting yesterday to discuss what steps to take next,so today we went to the hospital to find out what the next steps were only to be told he has a progressive brain tumour and it's too big for them to treat,he has been give between 2-4 months to live which has brought devastation to our family

Because there are no other options chemo or radiotherapy I started researching hash oil a while ago as 2 years ago my own father was diagnosed with cancer,I've watched countless documentaries read countless articles about it so the question I kinda need answering is,is it too late to try hash oil as he has been told 2-4 months and where would I look to source some,any help or guidance would be appreciated based in Yorkshire ukq


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its never too late to try anything. If you have access begin at once. I recommend one gram daily of decarbed whole bud solvent free pure cannabis oil ingested with 2 tablespoons organic 62% mct coconut oil all at once by mouth if possible, suppository if not. I've seen this regimen put people back on their feet, at least for much more time than any doctor said.

look around for @Grow Goddess , she has some real deal advice for fast action and you need it right now.
it takes a pound of cannabis to make a month supply of oil I hear. acquire your needs while you wait.
best of wishes

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look around for @Grow Goddess , she has some real deal advice for fast action and you need it right now.
it takes a pound of cannabis to make a month supply of oil I hear. acquire your needs while you wait.
best of wishes
Thanks for the mention!

Considering I am not a professional, if it were me in that situation, this is what I would do @Dazb1972 .
I would for sure do the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) orally. I am not very familiar with other methods, so I cannot comment on them. I do agree with using coconut oil, whether it be in combination with the RSO or in place of butter. I recommend keeping the RSO pure so it will not degrade. When you start mixing it with other compounds, it can start degrading as soon as 30 days.

Taking the RSO will require working up to one gram per day. Starting off with a rice grain size three times per day. This will help build up a tolerance, and keep a consistent supply of the oil in the system. It can take up to three months to be able to manage one gram per day. The key is three doses per day, much like taking antibiotics. The patient should try to take as much per dose as they can tolerate.

In this case, a possible brain tumor, I would also consider this: Cancer hates oxygen. He is going to need to work up to 3 teaspoons per day of Haritaki. It comes in a powder and can be put into capsules. It can cause diarrhea, so use caution in the beginning. Just like the RSO, you need to go slow. The purpose of the haritaki, based upon my research is, it increases the oxygen flow to the brain by 300%. I can tell the difference, and that is not even taking 3 tsp per day. It is also know to carry additional healing properties.

Of course, I would highly recommend top notch black seed oil. You want the expensive stuff that comes in a glass bottle. I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. I recommend adding one drop of frankincense oil per teaspoon, this is also to be taken 3 times per day. Why use black seed oil? It is known to cure everything except for death. I don't believe all of the claims, but that is what it is known for. It helps the red blood cells flow freely and helps them keep their normal shape. This can be dangerous if the patient is taking blood thinners. The black seed oil also activates the white blood cells, causes them to be more aggressive and powerful.

Additional supplements: Real CBD oil, I would only get this from the Health Ranger. I am not looking for CBD, but the terpenes. Why terpenes? The terpenes alone have anti tumor and anti cancer properties, and they can alter the blood brain barrier, and alter the THC in RSO to potentially flow through the body longer and more efficiently.
Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine is another good supplement.

I have links to all of these supplements here:

I would also recommend Oregano Oil, which is also in the link I provided and Nascent-Iodine.

Drink high alkaline water, no refined sugars, and avoid over processed foods. Clean water is most important.

As always, consider any and all current medications that are being administered and closely monitor health and reactions.

There is so much more that can be done with supplements and healthy eating that can make all the difference.
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