Need help with how to harvest for hash---whole plant?


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I posted this under "harvesting,.." and didn't get responses, so thought I'd try here.

Last year, I read a lot (I'm pretty sure I did.....can't seem to find it this year :p) about harvesting the whole plant when you want to make hash. I have always cut branches off short enough to hold when dry trimming, and have thrown away fan leaves/kept sugar leaves. Last year I kept a baggie full of fan leaves, but that was all. We had mold/spider mite/ yellow leaves/ etc problems, so I hadn't researched enough about saving what I did have of the fan leaves, etc.
I also don't have a large freezer, if it has to be frozen; only a freezer above the refrigerator. I was all ready to make bubble hash, but never got the nerve to use that much cannabis at one time. I only ended up with 7 plants, and got only about 2 1/2 oz average each.....small buds/ worst year ever for me.

So, if someone can explain to me, or direct me to instructions how to do this, I sure would appreciate it!



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The stems and fanleaves have trichomes, but they are fewer and typically more mature and sedative than the trichomes on the flowers and sugar leaves, so we extract them separately and use the concentrate for different purposes.

You can always experiment with small quantities until you get it right.

Neither dry sieve, nor bubble process will remove all the trichomes before greening out due to plant material pickup, so you will need to decide what to do with the partially spent material from the process.

Here is how we did it:


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thanks, however, I'm looking to make something stronger....hash...... I read many places before---just can't find them now---will try again!
They showed harvesting bud/sugar leaves/fan leaves/small stems/maybe larger stems-don't remember for sure--- thought was whole plant except roots....FOR HASH. I need it strong enough to sleep.
I guess I'm on my way to google a lot & look on YouTube. thanks again.


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Post if you find anything.
I got busy & didn't look yesterday. Had to spray for spider mites. ughh. thought I might get away without getting them this year, and found the little white spots on all the leaves on all plants on Friday.
I'll write it down so I don't forget :p, and will look today.


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Yeah man harvest normally. Dice her up good and make your hash run.i use bubble bag dude 5 gallon 5 bag set up.thats just what I do.good luck to ya buddy!