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    kelsyer New Member

    i just got a brand new oil rig, my first one. i have a badly formed glass nail and i keep hearing it crack. i planned on using it just until i could get a good one, but am i safe to use this or could it damage my piece to do so? i am using a cheap butane torch. attached is a picture of the rig itself. if you need to see the cracks in the nail to know how cracked it is i will take one. any other tips would be appreciated.

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    HolyHerb Well-Known Member

    I think you should be fine, as long as it's just the nail that's cracking. The nail may pop on you very soon so be careful

    kelsyer New Member

    i replaced the nail. that day the nail just fell apart. keep it mind, this did not shatter from heat, it did not shatter in cooling. it did not pop as you said. i took it out, set it on the counter to clean my piece out and it just randomly fell to chunks while sitting still on the counter. i have no explanation as to why it did none of what i expected. i guess the cracks suddenly just stopped staying together for whatever reason it was staying in place.

    kelsyer New Member

    and now i have been told this glass nail i am on now has lasted longer then anyone expects one to last lol

    d1stort Member

    I usually have the same problem with nails that are included with any glass piece. That Chinese crap usually breaks the first time you hit it with the torch so yes, you got further than most of us do lol. I always recommend ditching the domed nail and going with something like a quartz banger, usually $12-20 and more efficient overall

    kelsyer New Member

    i was going to do that, but when i bought the rid i did not have enough. next month i am going to get an extender and a quartz banger. although as well as this glass nail i bought to replace it has lasted (8 days, i had the other one working for like 3) no cracks have formed. nothing has gone wrong. starting to think this guy was wrong on it being a glass nail. it was not marked and the guy was new. so might be glass might not be because i have not had it crack. from what i have read 8 days of full day use is usually past the glass nail's breaking point. idk as a 5 buck fix for the last one i kinda like it. at least i can stand it for 2 more weeks lol

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