Need Information on Cal/Mag Deficiencies When Using Led Lights

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    yes but it seems they bought it back, its like the tommy boy of nute companies
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    well there ya go monsanto owns everything now lol
    Our Products, Our People, Our own In-house Laboratory
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    might as well give all the info lol

    JR PETERS, INC is a Custom Toll Manufacturer, Designer, Formulator and Producer of fertilizer products for the Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture and Retail markets.

    Started in 1947 by Bob Peters, his Horticultural Services Co. tested soil for greenhouse growers and made recommendations on how to produce the best crops. Today, under the leadership of Bob's son, Jack Peters, JR PETERS, INC is advancing the tradition of Peter’s family quality products and services.

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    Our corporate headquarters, manufacturing and analytical testing facilities are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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    4.75g jacks hydro and 2.25g Cal-nit???
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    i dont know the grams per gallon id have to look at spreadsheet but for veg im using 10 parts 5-12-26, 8 parts calcium nitrate and 1 part of 5-50-18. and then adjust EC as appropriate.

    as a ratio at full strength its something like 300N/100P/250K/75 Mg/100 Ca if i recall

    the 5-50-18 isnt really needed in veg but gives me good control of P in bloom
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    I use Calimagic now. I guess it is because I started using COBs. Never used it with HID. The COBs increase photosynthesis. Which makes them hungry as fuck.

    I use GH 6/9. I add about 3ml Calimagic per gallon until about 3 weeks into bloom. The extra nitrogen in the Calimagic also really keeps them nice and green. Always add the Calimagic first, then micro, then bloom.
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    I would buy that story.heres what i use,the peters pro is different and also harder to dissolve because of the granular size.
    20170314_133603.jpg 20170314_133526.jpg 20170314_133440.jpg
    Note 2 things,the lack of calcium and MADE IN THE USA BABY!!!
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    Just one more reason to stop buying synthetic nutrients and make your own organic materials.
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    in europe peters profesionell and peters excel is now sold(owned?) by ICL, they also have now the universol line i use, formerly by everris

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    Scotts Miracle-Gro Co
    NYSE: SMG - Mar 14, 4:24 PM EDT
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    kinda weird it dont say hawthorn group or monsanto in front of the SMG in the stock market lmfao. stocks are up for scotts .theres also an internet story that the earth is flat and nobdy has ever been to the moon so yeah,science bitch's
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    It's not?

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    I think Cal-Mag is a growth medium specific more than a light specific requirement. Under intense lights plants will want as much as they can get, under less intense light less so. However, if you grow in Cocoa, Hydro, or other inert materials, you need to add Cal-Mag to provide for what nature has not provided. Other issues with leds could be additional micro nutrients like Humic acid, for health and uptake, etc. There a re a lot of variables other than led vs hps. hps does create a drier environment while leds create a more moist environment due to heat load differences, which would indicate a difference in relative humidity which would change a plants ability to uptake nutrients.
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    Idk do your own research lmao.
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    Every picture I see of earth is flat so therefore the earth must be flat as well.

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    Yes, but if it is round that would explain why I am always leaning.

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    By weight or volume?
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    i had that backwards its 8 parts 5-12-26, 10 parts calcium nitrate and 1 part of 5-50-18. when mixed at 8/10/1 grams per gallon and cut in half (or you can think of it as 4/5/0.5 in grams per gallon) its:

    266 N
    85 P
    253 K
    63 Mg
    238 Ca (higher than id like but havent seen any issues yet- really should get my water tested tho as i havent run it this high in the past)

    the same variegated violet 5-50-18 can be used to tweak the 3-2-1 formula to
    2-2-1-1.5 which yields:
    129 N
    115 P
    175 K
    61 Mg
    95 Ca

    if any jacks 3-2-1 users want to try some 5-50-18 i bought a 50 lb bag that is like a lifetime supply for me, ill send you some for cost of shipping\Fertilizer\Product Label\JACKS_HYDROPONICS_VARIEGATED_VIOLET_7_30_2012_12_49_24_PM.pdf

    also good for a short term bloom booster if used in higher quantities- havent really messed with that yet. this P is over twice what 3-2-1 formula is so thats probably not necessary
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    I run 3.5 hyrdo 2.5 calnit 1.2 epsom 1 humix .07 blackstrap soluable next run im tryin kelp with it

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