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Hey everyone,

I have a young friend who's just entering the dating scene. Slight problem, he could give Einstein a run for his money but unfortunately he has practically no social skills, spent his entire 17 years of his life in books and not in the real world.

He's been, rather brutally, shot down by several girls whom he's trying to take to his Junior prom. So I'm trying to cheer him up a bit. There's a song I heard on the Dr Demento show. I swear I think it was by Cheech and Chong.

The little bit I remember goes a bit like this.

Cheech: "Man, she's hot, what a babe."
Chong: "Dude, you should go ask her out."
Cheech: "You think I should man."
Chong: "The worse she can say is 'No' man."

Cheech: "Hey I think your hot man, want to go out some time?"

The girl then breaks into song and complete brutalizes him. Probably the worse set of insults I've heard in my life.

Chong: Well man, what'd she say?
Cheech: Well...... She didn't say no."

For the life of me I can't find this. I had it on tape, recorded off of Dr. Demento in 1988 and have no chance of finding that tape. If anyone knows this please let me know so I can find a copy to give to my friend.