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Discussion in 'Alaska Patients' started by akdoh, Feb 20, 2016.


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    For the valley people here, there is a new grow shop - Green Thumb Grow Center.

    I went in there today to pick up some Fox Farm - he is 2 bucks cheaper than Far North or Jacks. He is cool as can be and his soil is like 35% cheaper than FN.

    He is on PWH near the Junk Store? PWH and Mayflower
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    akdoh Member

    Just picked up some soil from him over the weekend. He gives vets a 10% discount. And disabled vets he gives everything at cost.

    Also you can donate your old gear/nutes/etc.... and he will give them out to disabled vets who have a hard time getting the money for grow ops.

    A great shop and Nathan seems to be a class act.
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    I have Heard about this store, but live far from. As a disabled vet, I know it'd be worth it to shop through Green Thumb, but am curious if this is really a thing.... If so, that guy is as cool as Jilly Bean flowers. Might have to go shake his hand and say THANK YOU
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