New guy here!


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Whats up everyone, just wanted to say high and introduce myself. Got a few pics to show what im working with. Currently blooming two really nice looking Juicyfruit girls. 5 foot by foot bloom room with a 400 watt HPS. The tent is a 2 foot by 4 foot by 5 foot with four Juicyfruit clones to the right and the three on the left are my own creation i call fruitcake. There a cross of wedding cake and juicyfruit. When i say my own creation i mean i took one of my males, "wedding cake" and grew it on the side of a juicyfruit. Took those seeds and are now seeing what happens. Had six plants tested by farmer freeman so i know what i have from seed are girls. Let me know what everyone thinks, always looking for new ideas. Almost at week two of bloom. Im very impressed with veg+bloom dirty nutes, using shine for a bloom booster.