New member here! Want feedback on dispencaries


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Waiting for my card to come in the mail. Already approved. The three closest dispensaries to me are Rise in Carlisle, Cure in Lancaster, and Knox in Hanover. Experiences and cost and comparisons? Most likely getting vape pen with oil. Indica... Thanks!


I'm a new card holder and probably reside a bit further East from you, so I really can't comment on those dispensaries. I do know that Cure also has 'a store' in Phoenixville that is well known & liked in the area. I've been using Keystone Shops myself....knowledgeable staff & great customer service!


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Nature's Medicines in State Collage is an awesome dispensary for central PA. Prices are fair also for Pa. Average 1/8 if bud is $40.00


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I have nothing but praise for all the dispensaries in Pa.I have been to :Rise and Organic Remedies,BTW not being sexist but the ladies in both dispensaries are HOT, I wish I was 20 years younger.