New to LED.. help


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In UK have a 1.2m x 2.4m tent running between 22c - 27c 50-60% humidity

Looking to replace 2 x 600w lights as too hot for summer and want to go LED. None of the cheap purple and red ones i am willing to spend around £500-£650 mark and would ideally like it to replace as much as possible as will only be running this light until i can afford to buy a second LED to go with it

(i may run a HP at 250/400w along side it if temps allow this)

its just for this one as after summer i will be able to buy the second light and going to upgrade to a 2.4 x 2.4 tent

If any one has any recommendations or links to buy even better.

I hear Meiju is a good one but as i said i am totally new to this

Thanks in advance


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I used to run same tent as you but with 3x 600s in cooltubes.

First light I build myself, 700w of COBs, that covered half my tent, second light I got two x 265w kits from horticultural lighting group which covered the other half. The second ones are much the same as PAR550 on the link above.

Now I run a combo of Quantum boards in one tent and Highlights (from grow lights Australia ) also available from the UK guy above.

If your aim is to cut heat down then I would be looking at 500w each half your tent. But another good thing about LED is we tent to aim for slightly higher temps than with HPS because that's what the plants like.