Newbie help needed haha

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    Hi all. Growibg in a homemade box with all stuff I had lying about.. I think I may have spotted early signs of bugs and module but wonder if any experienced growers had any advice or can tell if it is actually this.

    Seeing what looks like white spores on a few leaves

    And this looks to me like a bug has had a munch


    Any advice would be welcomed

    Thanks in advance
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    Fender Guitar

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    Probably spider mites or aphids. They reside on undersides of leaves, feeding on plant sap. White spots appear on top of leaves as cells are depleted of green chlorophyll.
    Inspect leaves with a magnifying glass to identify the bugs.
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    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    All I see are trichome heads on your fan leaves, and some larger white speck of no concern. I don't worry about a single large spot that is near twine, possibly damage from rubbing up against it. Just watch and see if more appear. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice man I shall let her be and hope she is ok.. That's assuming it is a she haha

    DankGriff Member

    Screenshot_20170913-200958.png Now seeing something has had a munch!! Any ideas?
    How can I treat this before it gets worse?

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