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Three Berries

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I'm new here but have about 4 years of indoor growing so far. This year is the first for two grow rooms for veg and flower. I've settle down to two plants at a time. Veg is a 32"x32"x60" tent. Flower is a converted closet in a closed off room. Fresh air coming in at the floor level and an exhaust fan at the ceiling.

pH control is the current issue in my soils. I need to fertilize less and more maybe limestone? Don't really like the flushing and my water is slightly high at 7.4pH. I water with a fert mix that I raise the pH to 8 or upper 7s. Just started doing that though.

My veg pair are OK and pH wise but the flower ones are stuck at 4.5 at the bottom of the pot. Only two weeks left on each.


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Greetings fellow weed fiend ! Can't beat having veg/flower rooms, keeps herb flowing. Have fun and be careful, this site is "addictive".