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Discussion in 'British Patients' started by English D, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Hi. I'm new at this, looking for pain relief for my husband, and perhaps help for me with a neurological disease. My plan is to cook rather than smoke, and for relaxation rather than a high. From what I've seen Indica is best, but there are so many varieties. Can anyone give advice as to which type is best for what I need? And can you provide info on companies that ship seeds to the UK -- which ones are best and/or which to avoid? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Welcome English D, hope you find what yer after....
    Seeds, try these both are uk based with good discrete service
    they both give good advice, or just google medical cannabis seeds
    Check out the Organics section, they have some good food stuff, the search bar is is good way to find stuff too (top r/h side).
    hope it's been of some use for you

    i'm off to pick raspberries while its sunny,
    English D

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    Thanks Pookat!
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  5. I'm a newbie too so don't feel bad:roll:

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    Seedsman has a Medical ,section that will point you in the right Direction,But i would rather get it from growers with sim problems.Also Cooking with Cannabis can be pretty powerful way to intake it ,so Start of with a small piece of what ever you make,

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