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    I repotted up and the bone meal soaks right in now because of the added surface area of soil to absorb it, so all is good :clap:

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    Here's my newest feeding schedule using nectar for the god's pro lineup and some pics from week 6 1/2 with shown schedule image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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    I love Nectar nutes, they do a great job ! Just recently flushed using 3 tablespoons Herculean Harvest, 2 tablespoons Aphrodites Extraction, and I also used 2 tablespoons Tritons Trawl per gallon of water and flushed with twice the amount of water that I usually do, so there was a good amount of runoff. I love that you can feed right to the end. Anyhow the fish bone meal in the Tritons Trawl works quite nicely with the bone meal in the Herculean Harvest, They are plumped up very thick,and should taste really good. I like not having to starve the plants in the end. Leaves stay green for the most part, right up till chop. Your plants look nice and healthy. Are they Hashberry ? They look pretty colorful :peace:
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    The Plant pictured is Sour Cheeseil its a homemade cross of NYC sour diesel father and a Sour Cheese mother...Gotta love organic based Nutrients!!! I've been starting to toy with some other organics Like Age Old and Root's Budda grow and bloom...just trying to add some nutrient diversity for my soil if you know what I mean!
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    I am finishing up veg with a group that I am testing NFTG on, and I am extremely impressed so far. I am getting faster growth than I did with my synthetic bases(Heavy 16), and my stalk is much thicker than usual. I think since I have removed a majority of my salt content, my beneficial bacteria and fungus products are really thriving.
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    NFTG is a very solid company. It's what I use for my all organic private head stash. Beautiful colors wonderful smells and tastes delicious. The nectar guys know what they are doing.
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    Im back yall

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    I just started using the line and Im also having the same issue. The first bottle I used was HH to flush my old salts from my old nute line. I was excited about the freebie and have 3 plants headed for 12/12 in a couple weeks. Reading through the threads you cant miss prophet216 preaching the gospel of the gods. Hallelujah! So I flushed the entire veg. Using HH can get costly it seems if you have to flush so often. Mixed thoroughly but there was still residue in the bottom of my rez. Is this normal?

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    the bone meal In hh likes to sink to the bottom so mixing your nute solution is a must.
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    I have been letting it oxygenate with biocozyme for a few hours, this seems to help reduce the amount of unmixed particles.
  11. Hello everyone. Just dropping by to say I've been using the NFTG line for over 2 years and have had nothing but goodness from day one. I started using the basic line with the NFTG soil. Once I saw how everything improved, I quickly starting picking up the other supplements. Now I run the full line (minus the guano tea, per Scott's - the owner - recommendation), plus an oil enhancer (?) called The Terpinator, NFTG's soil, Smart Pots, and air stones.

    While I may not be an expert, I have been using NFTG for a while and would be happy to help out. Here are some pics of my Chocolate Fondue at about 7 weeks.

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    Nice heard great things and seen great thing with terpinator. I would like to know your feed sced if you dnt mind giving it up because my yields are my issue and my last run i ran full strength everything shop advice my stuff this trip was the worst i ever done with nftg the taste was horrible only some strains had a strong aroma i was just blank on what happen yield was no surprise due to i have never got a great yield always been close to 448 but im flowering with a 1000 w and man that sucks ass bad
  13. It really depends on your strain. But for the most part, a big key to getting more weight is the right combination of Herculean Harvest (bone meal) and Bloom Khaos. Basically, the more Khaos the plant gets, the more HH it will need. Up to 6+ TB per gallon. The soil substrate from NFTG works great along with the supplements. If you can find some, I'd highly recommend picking up a bag or two. Also, I flush with HH every week. The flavor can be brought out by using the Triton's.

    You can find a giant chunk of info by looking up Nectar for the Gods on Youtube. The owner, Scott, breaks down all the different supplements and what they are. It's worth your time.

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    Scott from NFTG on The Adam Dunn Show. Comes on the air around the 1:40.00 mark.


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    I followed some links on MonsterGardens interview video with Scott from NFTG and found olympus up and herculean harvest for about 8 usd each. Don't want to plug links on the forum, but just a heads up that you can get some of this stuff cheap if you search. Happy growing guys.

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    First of all Thank You ProPheT for your help.

    I was wondering if we still need to adjust the Ph with O up when doing the Hh flush?
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    I have their "advanced" sample pack the 8 bottle one. I wanted to use it all on one plant just to try it out. I am going to read this thread right now but any experienced info would be appreciated.

    I have Ocean Forest soil, 600 w mh\hps. Day\night 70\80 RH:55%
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    Start feeding on the light side with Ocean Forest soil. I used Ocean Forest for medium with my NFTG sample pack and used I think I started at around 1/4 or 1/3 and worked up to1/2 strength max in peak flower based off the values in the advanced feeding chart.

    Also I wouldnt use any nutes at all for the first 3-4 weeks in veg if growing from seed in FFOF, plenty of nutrition in the soil and only needs water.
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    Here is some NFTG Gorilla Glue #4 20150417_080753-1.jpg
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    So what happened to this thread?! I was going to start using NFTG and then this thread just died bongsmilie

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