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A word of warning for any people that are going to use Seeds Here Now for any future orders!

Over two months ago I ordered a rare pack of seeds from SHN for $200 plus $35 for international postage. I sent the payment in cash from the UK and sent the tracking details as requested. During the week it took to send the package the seeds I had bought had dropped price by $50 dollars so I contacted SHN and asked what the situation was. I was told that they were incorrectly listed and that I could have a credit for $50.

So now SHN have my payment and they send my pack of 6 fem seeds plus the $50 I was overcharged in cash. This was all cool because I really didnt want to have to spend the $50 and make a thoughtless purchase just for the hell of it. I get the tracking details and as you do, I checked everyday to see how things were going. After around 10 days I checked again and I see that the package has been marked as delivered. I check my mail and nothing is there. I email SHN and they tell me to call my local postal service and see what they say. I make the call and go through the tracking details and security etc. At this point I am told that the package has my name on it but not my address! They would not give me the address due to data protection laws and advise me to call the sender asap and see if they can tell me the address.

I contact SHN and explain the situation. They tell me that they will contact the company they use to send out their orders and see what the situation is. After several days I am told that they cannot get through to anyone at this company to find out what had happened. Like this was seriously the answer they gave me!

So now I have a package with my name on it, at another persons address, with my seeds and my $50 inside along with an invoice with my name and address on it!

What SHN have done here is beyond bad, they have treated my private data as if it was a piece of shit! They have been unable to tell me anything about where my package and money went, why it happened and how it wont happen again!

They asked me if I would like the order sent out again but I refused this offer because this was a rare pack that sold out right away and what they have a load of packs laying around for me lol. In any case they could not explain what happened to my last package so why on Earth would I want them to send it out again?

So now they tell me they dont do refunds and I can have credit. I tell them no way and that I never want to order anything from them again because they do not know how to respect their customers privacy or send a package to the correct address! Now they start to get shitty with me. Remeber here at this point I am over $255 down because it cost me $20 on top of the $235 for tracked and recorded and signed for delivery.

We argue for a while and they say they are going to do me a massive favour and give me a refund lol.

I ask for a PayPal payment and they refuse. I ask for a bank tranfer and they say yes. I send my bank details in reluctantly. Then they ask for more information regarding my bank account after I gave them everything. I get annoyed and ask them to send it in the post. At least this way the idiots can pay a bit extra!

I have now been waiting for over 10 days since when they said they sent my refund and my package is still in the US!

These people have straight up treated me like scum. They have breached my privacy. They have wasted my time and they tell me they have the best customer service in the industry! They know they screwed up, they did nothing to try and make it right. They could have offered to refund me and send the seeds after the BS i have been through, but they are way way way too selfish and self centred to even consider that lmao.

So i try and post my experience on their own SHN review section on their website so maybe a manager or the owner can see whats going on and maybe step in and make it right but I could not post one single review because they pre check and REMOVE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS! Please by all means go and have a look at their review section. There is not one single negative review throughout the entire history of their business lol!

There is no shame in being honest and admitting mistakes. There is shame in lying and denying any mistakes ever happen! Grow up you idiots. This is real life not some fake political campaign or bs TV show.

I hope this post will discourage and put anyone off using a company thet treats there own customers like they are worthless garbage!

Sorry for the tone of my post but seriously how the hell would any of you guys feel having your privacy and property treated in such a disgusting and unprofessional manner?



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FWIW, we are having delays with the US Postal System so more patience may be needed on your refund. Bummer about your rare pack though


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You know this sounds familiar. Almost like for well over 10 years European seedbanks have been doing this to us US customers.

Sucks but when its overseas neither side seems to care much. I've had gypsy nirvana straight steal $280 from me when I shipped cash. Seedsmans sent my brother a different pack than he paid for because the other was over sold then tried to blame him.

If you're getting a refund feel somewhat lucky.


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So did they send your seeds to a us address or a uk one? If it’s us it’s not so big of a issue although still a major shitty problem. If it’s a uk Address then there’s a much bigger security risk as it’s still illegal here in the uk. Seeds are legal tho but it’s not much to put 2 an 2 together. It’d even worse it had your name an address on the invoice they included.

Now if the seeds were sent to a USA address you could start to wonder if they have an address they jus send the orders to so someone gets free seeds and by the time they Meant to arrive Here in the uk and people check tracking it’s too late to cancel the payment etc.

I had my nutes delivered to a house not even on my street like ten minutes away from mine for no apparent reason what so ever and it even had my address on the package. the driver was just a fucking lazy idiot and so delivered to some random number on some random street on the same estate. I sent my nighbour to go get them as the store told me the number they delivered it to as they understood the potential risk. Luckily it was just an older lady there that didn’t care at all or even open the package. But this shit shouldn’t happen and their attitude sucks.

Why is it not them filling order and sending the mail out??why are they using some third party company to process orders?? Wtf these are not fucking funk pops we are ordering here. That’s how mistakes happen and also how people get busted/robbed. when you have incompetent people who don’t understand the potential risks or just don’t care as it’s not them who gets in shit probably. doesn’t help the person who does the packing etc is likely on minimum wage for some random shitty company so literally doesn’t give a shit anyway.

Good to know tho as I’d thought about ordering from these a few times il stay clear for now. Thanks for the heads up.

Also were the seeds you ordered some exotic genetix red pop line or runtz line? I think attitude have them too if it was those. A lot of the redline sold out quickly tho.


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Definitely troubling to know 3rd parties are being used to ship. My paranoia is telling me this is an avenue to hear some bs about how they wont compromise your personal info. I mean, they didnt fuck up, it was these other guys. I didnt sell your info, my shipping company did type of thing