Nirvana Bubblicious

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    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    Strain: Nirvana Bubblicious
    Growth: Short and bushy. Lots of leaves in the colas make it a pain to trim.
    Grow Medium: Coco coir and worm casting mix
    Nutes: AN Monkey Juice, Overdrive
    Avg flower time: 60 days
    Yield: Very good despite leafiness.
    Bag Appeal: Pretty frosty and light green. 7 out of 10?
    Smell: Sweet and skunky with a hint of dog shit LOL.
    Taste: It takes at least 3-4 weeks of curing to bring out any sort of bubblegum taste but it is there if you are patient. I enjoy it.
    The High: Strong buzzing stone, nice space-out smoke
    Comments: Nice yield and pleasant taste but pain to trim. I've also heard from a friend growing the same seeds that there is a lot of variability from seed to seed.

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    massmurda420 Well-Known Member

    dog shit?
    lol that odd it takes so long to get that flavor im not much for the taste of gum tho
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    How bout skunky weed flavored gum that gets you high? LOL It's hard to describe but the longer the cure the stronger the bubblegum taste. I like it a lot.
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    HydroOrganicFla Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info! :)

    FootballFirst Well-Known Member


    cannaloop Active Member

    I grew bubblegum outside and liked it a lot as well. Your friend is definitely right about the variation, but it's a great strain. One of my favorite smokes.

    Purp... Well-Known Member

    I've been wanting to try this, but still debating on which seedbank carries the best genetics.
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    I think if your looking for best quality genetics you want to go with serious seeds bubblegum. They're considerably more expensive than the $30 Nirvana Bubblicious seeds though. For those interested I have germed some more of these seeds and have two new females that are about two weeks into flower right now. My original report was based on experience with one female and her clones so I hope to be able to comment some more about the variability seed to seed subject soon. If these new females are close to the quality of the first fem I had then I would say these beans are definitely worth the money. 3 out of 5 seeds germed so far have been female.
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    some recent Bubblicous pics - all from original female.



    dried and cured, pardon the dog hair.


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    jonblazing Active Member

    Yum, Im curious of how its smelling, what lighting are you using? I have some on the way. The seeds were tiny and only half came out of dirt, all looked as if they had germed before I put in soil tho. weird. Thanks for any info. peace :bigjoint:

    jonblazing Active Member

    nevermind on how it smells I found where you described it. peace
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    jonblazin, I can be a lot more specific on smell if you want. As I said my friend has grown the same strain and while I didn't smell his plants growing I was able to smoke the dried buds and the flavor was almost exactly the same as mine so I bet the smell would be too. His variablility came from the appearance of bud. He had green ones like me but then also bright pinks and purples that I would like to try to get as well. The smell of my plants while growing is very flowery, like daffodils and roses. In the last couple of weeks a skunky funk starts to come on increasingly. After drying and some cure this flowery and skunky combination starts to really taste like gum. I'm sure hard to imagine and even harder to describe. And it may sound bad but the smell in the bag is like sweet dog shit LOL. My friends call it the dog shit and always ask for it first when they're looking to smoke.
    Ole Budheavy

    Ole Budheavy Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone got puny looking seeds from Nirvana. I ordered NL, Aurora Indica and Bubblelicious. The 10 seeds of bubb looked like they were immature and void of girth and tiger stripes that usually adorn mature cannabis seeds.

    BTW-sweet grows guys, how was the quality of your seeds from Nirvana?

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    looks great.
    i grew NIrv bub year ago. looked exactly the same. smelled real real sweet to me. excellent strain. i got a really good yield off one plant. never tasted bubblegum tho, but when i would start a sesh, it would smell really sweet like smell.
    the seeds were small, but all of the germed.

    joeyjoejoe Well-Known Member

    keep bumpin threads that use the smoke report template like this one
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    So I've finished up a couple more Bubblelicious (found out I've been spelling it wrong this whole time LOL) from new seeds and they are all different. This time one was very sweet and the other smells and taste exactly like cheese curls. It is uncanny really when you open the curing jar it is exactly like opening a bag of cheese curls. Very nice and unique taste that I am glad to have found but another testament to the crazy instability going on. One thing does remain consistent though with the Bubblelicious and that is MONSTROUS yields.





    303 Well-Known Member

    Dry weight for entire crop? And how about that nug next to the ps controller? My guess is that warlock must be a little under a ounce intself... Maybe more, is it dense or fluff?? Looks so good, hope I have similar results.

    jonblazing Active Member

    Yea all my seeds from three diff. strains were pretty small immature looking seeds. Especially the bubblicious. They are nice big healthy plants tho

    jonblazing Active Member

    Thanks for the reply mared, one of my bubblicious plants yields is looking terrible and the other looks just ok compared to ice and ww 5 weeks into flower. Im a little disappointed with this bubb. I hope it impresses me in the last three weeks or hope the smoke changes my mind.

    newb19547 Well-Known Member

    I'm also curious as to what lighting did you use to get that ginormous 1 foot cola?

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