None of the Above,But i do use for Marijuna, for Medical Reason's.

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    I'm Hoping that one of you may be able to help with Cbd Strain ,For Anxiety.I have suffered with it for about 6 year bad now,To the point that leaving the house is sometimes hard,I have totally ditched strains like Hazes,They make me Paranoid so do Sativa's.All though Pineapple Express has been great for a night time smoke to help get some zzzz's.I was thinking about Cannatonic or Toms Kush Og,from Vision Seeds.Live in the Uk So the Doctors will not have that Cannabis Helps,Even though some look like they want to say it could a benefit me ,But instead they Put me on 25 mg of Diazipam.Not all at once over a period of a few month,They do help .Don't get me wrong,But i'm hoping on getting something less harmful on the Body ,than these.

    Thank You in advance in case any one does have the time to give me any Ideas on Strain.The other thing is i was using Oil From Exodus Cheese ,and Blues Livers,But started smoking again ,do you think this could have caused the increase on my Anxiety,I used to only intake Cannabis through Oil ,i made Took it last thing at night and it lasted right through till the next night ,i did still have Panic attacks,but not like now .

    I never thought i would suffer with Anxiety,I was all ways a Joker messing around.I work in a family biz ,Garden Center,But also a Shop Fitter ,during winter,when the G/C,Is not has busy,I make good Money doing shop Fitting ,But a lot of work is away from home,All over the world ,But for the past few years i iant been able to do this because of this problem,Hope i can find something to help,That i can grow my self.There is a Uk section Sorry i did not see that.

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    High Tyke

    You would definitely benefit from a hi-CBD, Indica or Sativa based strain. Try to find something with a 2:1 CBD/THC profile and you won't be disappointed. Even a 1:1 like Cannatonic would be better for an anxiety sufferer like you than a regular Sativa .

    I've had chronic depression for 40 years ever since a near fatal fatal hammer attack in my early 20s. PTSD symptoms still haunt me to this day. I don't get anxiety tho unless I take one too many hits of a strong sativa then it's nasty for about 15 min. After that I'm in a much better mood for hours.

    A bit over a year ago I got some Sweet Skunk CBD from a compassion club I joined out in BC. Liked it so much I bought 10g to bring home to northern Alberta and made into cocobudder. Best medicine ever for me! The buzz was more like being a bit drunk or on something like your diazapam, (I've had that too), and I was grinning so much my cheeks would hurt. Finding silly little things funny as hell too. It was near a 2:1 with 12% CBD, 7% THC. I have a half oz of CBD Critical Mass coming next week I hope from the same club that's 9% CBD, 6% THC so hoping it has the same effect. A tsp of the cocobudder a couple hours before bed gave me relief for a good 20 hours and worked wonders on my arthritis too.

    I'm currently flowering 3 CBD girls. An Otto#1 that has less than 1%THC and up to 27% CBD. Can always blend that with some of the regular pot I have on hand to make a nice blend. The other two are the Otto crossed with Cannatonic so hoping for good meds from those.

    Gonna be months before you'll be harvesting from seed so if you can find a place to order some CBD pot to try out I'd go for that before investing time and money growing something that may not work tho I'm pretty sure you'll like it. I've spent the last 16 years growing out strain after strain of mostly sativas but going whole hog on the CBD ones now.

    Good luck with your quest for wellness and a very Merry Xmas to you and yours! xmastree.gif


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