Not looking so good

I just put my babies in the ground using black gold organic soil and added about 1/4 a cup of happy frog fertilizer and mixed it all together. It’s been about 4 days, and they just don’t look the best. Clearly I’ve had bug problems, I spray them every other day with a dish soap, neem oil, and canola oil. At first, my spray was just canola and dish soap for ab 2 weeks but for the past 4 days i added the neem cause I needed something stronger for other bugs. I just don’t know what to do



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Just a thought, oils would stick to the plants and plug up the stoma and prevent gas exchange.

This probably isn't the issue but it might contribute to the poor health.

In essence, the oil might be suffocating the plants.

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Doing to much is killing them ...try doing less
Bugs and pest are always around you standing over them won't change that
I'm sure your spray regime is the main issue
try plain water for two weeks or stop misting after a good spray


Why not just use neem oil only. You dont really need to use anything else with neem oil. Neem oil also helps plant growth but adding the canola oil and dish soap and doing every other day seems a bit excessive. They look great otherwise, just seem to be battling everything done to them. You can also use diamatecous earth instead and that may be easier. But outdoors you will always battle bugs so I think you just need to find a bit more balance in your spraying. Every other day is okay with DE and much easier on them. Neem oil is supposed to be once a week or every 10 days.