Not really new but been away.

Try as I might, I couldn't figure out my old user name & password so I'll start fresh.

I'm 66, took my first tokes in the early 70s, got married in 1980 and mostly gave it up when the stork started visiting.

In the mid 90s I took a job that required a passing grade on a wizz quiz to get hired and "random" testing to stay (always seemed like we were "randomly" chosen after returning from vacation ) so total abstinence for the duration of that job. I got tired of dealing with their BS and team of dedicated sycophants so I found a different job with less pay buy waaaay less stress. There was also an "entrance exam" there but I came to find out that unless you walked in hotboxing a tough one, they didn't really as long as it didn't interfere with your work. After I'd been there a few weeks I nonchalantly mentioned aloud that it was 4:20 and watched to see who took notice. That was the start of a few new friendships .

Fast forward to now. That place got bought up by a larger corporation that bled it dry to close it a couple of years before I could retire with full SS benefits so I tried for disability and won. I could have done it years before due to a birth defect but chose to be a contributing member of society for as long as possible.

After settling into the retiree groove, I decided to try my hand at growing. I had some success indoors with a modified soil/hempy bucket method I found here (can't seem to find it now) but after moving it outside, a very nosey neighbor scared me into scrapping the whole deal.

My wife now requires my care to live at home and her circumstances caused us to move from our semi-rural home to a one floor apartment complex for 55 and older. Most of the other occupants are single women in their late 70s and 80s and they mostly keep to themselves. I think I can get away with a discreet outdoor grow and I've started a Blue Dream auto I found in my seed stash. I'll cut this rambling off short and start searching for guidance amongst the existing threads.

one closing word Kratky
Thanks all.

Each apartment has a small patio in the back and the lady in the adjacent unit is in her late eighties and never uses back patio, in fact there's boxes stacked up inside her door. A few hundred feet behind the buildings is a heavily wooded area with all kinds of critters including SKUNKS! There's my excuse if anybody questions the smell....BONUS!

My wife's not a fan of the chronic but she can't get back there to see what I'm getting up to. I consume using a Pax II vape so there's very little smell. I mostly micro dose so a pinch the size of a navy bean does me for the whole day. If I were to water cure it, there'd be no smell from the vape at all. I did water cure a few times on my basement grows while the wife was recovering in a nursing facility. 18 months of just me and the dog in a 4 bedroom house yeE Haw!