Nutrient solution? What to add and NOT add??

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    Aowhite4217 Member

    i need some help with my hydro dwc nutrient solution. The products i have are fox farms trio
    (Grow big, tiger bloom, and grow big), cal-mag, maxicrop kelp, Epsom salts, Superthrive, alaska fish fert, and some miracle grow water soluble fertilizer. Also heard it was good to put hydrogen peroxide in
    Any help as to which of these i should add?

    markrrr Member

    Hi Bud, i'm going to tell you a big secret and it's called Moab by Mad Farmer
    I can't put a link here so just type that in
    You will get huge resinous buds,you'll see !!!
    Cheers and good luck mate :)
    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Hydroguard (about 8-12$ a litre),is a beneficial bacteria that populates the root zone, is better in my experience than H202 (a totally sterile root zone). H202 totally disolves in 12-24 hrs, and I got root rot while using it. But Hydroguard will allow you to not be as nervous when your water gets to 72 degrees or such as long as it isn't a prolonged thing. I would not add the epsom salt to your water without doing some reading about that...but I have heard of it being done. The Miracle Grow stuff may work, but Ive never heard of anyone using it in DWC. I'd recommend Floranova Grow and Bloom; One bottle for grow, one for bloom...very simple. It can be messy but doesnt stain clothes and so far I've been successful, thriving, knock on wood. The other stuff yes I think you should be fine adding to it. Good luck and Happy Growing! :)

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