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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    20171102_184538.jpg And the second biggest malibu pie is also a female. I'm pretty happy with the structure of both strains.

    So far I'm sitting at 2 female alien rifts and 1 female malibu pie. No males yet as far as the ocean grown genetics go.

    jillxjilly Well-Known Member

    one of my ninja fruits is starting to flower in 18/6 o_o so i just flipped it to 12/12 and said fuck it

    another NF (i culled males and cloned from females a while ago) looks like it might be a male, or just have bulbous growths near its preflowers.... time will tell but now i'm worried that i'm too noob to identify males vs females and now i'm scared to grow from regular seeds again FML!

    100% user error if that's the case but... damn, OG genetics look sooooooooo nice i'm honestly considering risking it again with OG reg seeds ...

    @ vader / ninja - if you guys ever hire someone to feminize your seeds for you, i'm sure me + others would be more than willing to pay whatever the price increase is... shit i'd pay double or triple the current price for feminized ocean grown genetics, if that made it worth their time!

    anyone have OG strain recommendations that are easy to tell male vs female during veg?

    edit-- alternatively if cuts are available in NorCal.. :)

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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Ninja fruit being chopped today. ~ day 58. Still a lot of clear trich's, but schedule driving decision. Lots of flopping buds; I should have added another layer of trellis. Nice purple hue to the buds, some purple trich's. Nice grapie/fruity aroma.

    20171107_172753.jpg nf1.JPG

    Next run will be tga pennywise and quirckle.

    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    young malibu in first week-should stack nicely. IMG_2086.JPG

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Edited to avoid severe butthurt; I have a large OG collection that I have yet to pop, but I do have some “Purple Portal” testers (Ninja Fruit x Alien Rift) that are iced out as fuck, dense as granite. @Terrapin2 always delivers, Where’s the ice guys?
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    Ryry94 Well-Known Member

    Smoke Report - bong rips of Jedi OG all day will NOT help me finish my work on time......Great flavor, still very loud citrus lime sweet smell in the jar, and the smoke tastes like very nice smooth sour lime with mellow OG mixed in. Until you find buds from the GAS pheno, like turpentine sour gas that turns into OG after taste, this is my favorite and keeper. The effect is heavy on the brain, slows me down in a good way, but too much will slow me down to a stop. Caught myself looking out the window and listening to the geese squawk as they fly south for the winter. Not a bad day at all, but I was supposedly working. The pain relief is really really good for me, my neck and back are pretty bad recently, and the Jedi dulls the pain and keeps the mind focused on everything else.

    But wait, thats not all.....throw it in a vape, and wow the Pine flavor lasts for like 45 minutes in your mouth, until your forget what pine is because you are super high.

    Been enjoying the flower so much, I have not made any hash yet, should be fun.

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    How was the yield fam

    Ryry94 Well-Known Member

    Not sure of weight, I don't usually weigh anything. 13 jars of nice dense bud, the larf and bud smaller than a quarter went into the freezer for soup this winter. This is from 5x5 tent with 600w and 4 plants for 68 days, should have been 6 plants but shit happens.

    numberfour Well-Known Member

    Got 4x Jawa Pie popping up their heads
    jawa pie.JPG

    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    I had a pack of the first release which was was different in some way. Never found out exactly what it was but mine is significantly different from what the new packs are putting out. Maybe F1 vs F2? Who knows.

    Anyways, mine came out almost black and absolutely zero green in the bud or any sugar leaves. Grape smell and flavor, really stemmy buds, and a pretty weak high. The purple is crazy but I gave the rest of my seeds away. I also had nanners both runs so nah.
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    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Found some Ninja Fruit pictures so might as well.


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    bizfactory Well-Known Member

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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Looks like I will get about an 8 oz yield from my 3x3 ninja fruit grow. The quality was good, but the yield was just meh. My last run (Bodhi) netted about 15 oz's with the same everything.

    These had smaller nugs, and a larger internodal spacing.

    Not terrible, but in the kiss your sister range of excitement (unless you are from Alabama, Ark, or Miss).

    Not really complaining, just noting the final outcome. Haven't smoked any yet, but the smell is really good and they are sticky as f, so I'm hopeful.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    no disrespect to vader & crew, but what were the bodhi strains you ran?
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Goji OG and SSDD. Each strain got about half the tent space. Each half was about the same in terms of yield.
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    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member


    J_Blaze23 Well-Known Member

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    J_Blaze23 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you watch the Ocean Grown YouTube channel I think it's VaderOG, him and Ninja just did a smoke test gauntlet on the ninja fruit, pretty similar to the way you described it but not so much grapefruit
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    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Word, they do a much better job of describing the bud than I do. Wish I would have gotten that super frosty pheno!
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    That is a long but interesting piece. Apparently one of the changes ninja wants to breed in is to make the plant less stretchy. That's one of the things I noticed; there is a lot of internodal distance between the buds. He wants to make them shorter and bushier.

    Also, there were at least 2 pheno's they visibly didn't like. Ninja called one 80's average and nothing to look at. You have to give them kudo's for honesty.

    But the majority of the pheno's got good reviews. Interesting segment.
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