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    Are you running lights with uv like cmh's or supplementing uv?

    limonene Well-Known Member

    one of the alien rifts I'm running from seed on day 43 IMG_7020.JPG IMG_7008.JPG IMG_7010.JPG IMG_7019.JPG

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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Thanks man yeah this one looks to be a fast finisher maybe 60 days.

    limonene Well-Known Member

    Thanks vato the other pheno has a more complex terp profile but its right in the middle of the tent and i cant really get a good photo yet. Im very happy with both females so far
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    Terrapin2 Well-Known Member

    malibu pie @ 24 days.
    smells like pineapple lime pez atm. i am sure that'll be changing. cool looking plant. i am excited to see what she does.
    IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2206.JPG IMG_2203.JPG

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    15120851572041894311593.jpg 1512085255652293845068.jpg 1512085353930240062477.jpg Malibu Pie and Alien Rift on day 5 of flower.
    This is my second grow. Going much better than my first. Oh the anticipation.

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Finished up the Purple Portal testers. Kept like phenos (identified by stem rub, leaves, etc). Gave a few plants for my buddy to throw outdoors. He ended up with a deep purp Ninja Fruit dom, and bright green Ninja flavored Rift.

    The pheno I bloomed was right in between Ninja Fruit and Rift (parents). The flowers ended up turning a pastel pink, which is kinda odd when juxtaposed against the green leaves, makes it look “brown” at first glance. Then you look at it closer, “holy crap, it’s pink!”.

    Nose is tropical pineapple punch. Very pleasant and if you’re into pine/pineapple/tropical kush, this is right up your alley, but unique in a way that makes it “new”.

    I heard that Ninja Fruit is all about “the flavor” (have the beans, haven’t popped ‘em). Ninja Fruit
    lends a lot of itself in this cross, so much savor. The high isn’t too crazy, but the smoke is akin to a fine wine, old single malt, or premium anejo. Smooth, but tastes like chopped mango and pineapple, doused with fresh lime juice, tobasco, and throw some salt and “Lucas” or Tajin on it. Tropical herbs and spices. Hard to describe, but very appealing.

    I’m going to run the phenos that I gave my buddy (cuts taken before gifting), see if I can make that buzz a little more “uplifting”.

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Crappy pic, can’t see the pastel pink color.


    bvolt Member

    Hello all,

    I just started growing in Mar 2017. I got into it finally, because of the changes and advances in LED tech.

    I assemble my own fixtures (using HLG, Photon Phantom, Vero COBs and Cree Deep Reds).

    I've got 2 fairly successful (nothing died :blsmoke:) harvests under my belt. My plan now, is to find a strain that I like and that produces buds with exceptional "bag appeal".

    In the running are Papaya by Nirvana (it's not the most well know, but it's fat and potent) and Querkle by TGA - both of these produce similar huge dense tops.

    Querkle is quite popular and has name recognition, but I've just popped 4 of my newest acquisition... Vader OG beans.

    I've never grown or seen these grow (except on VaderVision), so I'm not sure what strategy to take:
    • Root a bunch of clones for SoG
    • Grow them out and top
    • Go all out and manifold
    I have all the lights and space I could want for just about any configuration, but I'll most likely veg these in my 2 x 2 (or 2 x 4, if they get big). More than likely, they will flower in a 4 x 4.

    If anyone with extensive experience with Vader OG (or similar behaving strain) would offer some guidance, I'd certainly appreciate it.

    Thank you, in advance.
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    limonene Well-Known Member

    alien rift day 50 IMG_7167.JPG IMG_7166.JPG

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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Gavita hps, cmh, plasma. I like em all for different reasons

    greywind Well-Known Member

    She's a quicky. I recently heard NinjaOG mention that there are seven week finishers to be found in Alien Rift. I never really heard VaderOG mention this about his creation, but wow. I need myself another pack of Alien Rift to hunt through. Cheers!

    limonene Well-Known Member

    IMG_7186.JPG IMG_7190.JPG IMG_7194.JPG more rift shots with a flash gun. She's pretty demure and photogenic and furring up nicely.

    durbanblue Well-Known Member

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    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    Tending to the canopy yesterday on day 13 of flower and I notice my Alien Rift #10 is already beginning to show some trichome production, zoom in on the second pic. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one :smile: 1512855215852314451185.jpg

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Purple Pie(Key Lime Lie x Ninja Fruit) weird lanky growing gal but grainy has created a nice bush. Very vigorous node spacing sucks but awesome smell and taste and potency too.


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