Open show an tell2021.


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Second season grow in a new location. These girls have had a little trouble with pre flower and re veg, but I have faith they will get back on track. The back and forth flip was my fault. I messed up acclimation from 24 hour clones to outdoor. Plus I did not realize how much influence the garden solar lights and random security flood lights were going to have. Those "light leaks" have been addressed. Monitoring the recovery.


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yes these were flowered out door lots of white pine here = tons of pollen just a cold water dunk or two. be surprised what comes off with a dunk nothing any one wants to smoke for sure.
Cool. Yea, I've heard a few different ways of doing it, and that some crap does come off.


I enjoy seeing all the outdoor plants in this thread. This is my first time growing in >30 yrs. Here’s my contribution, nothing fancy.

This is a feminized GSC. Seeds were germinated April 1st. The growth is beyond my expectations and I have no idea how much bigger it will get. I have topped the main stem twice and all side branches once.

This plant is part of a bonding experience with my girlfriend’s son. He’s got his own GSC in a 10-gallon pot. His is getting special nutes and will be moved to shelter when the weather turns (we’re located on Long Island, NY). My plant is being fed and watered the same as my tomato plants. I will provide a rudimentary cover when in flower (need to work out exactly what that will be). We'll compare the end result. :bigjoint: