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    First off I just want to say that I am not here asking for anyone's help, and that you guys have shown over and over and over that you would rather grow with perfect humidity and perfect temps, etc, rather than treating this plant like it was raised in the desert (where it comes from) and allowing "survival of the fittest" happen in environments you create in order to create new, better strains (as Epigenetics has proven can happen pretty quickly). I showed you guys the evidence and everything, and I will do it again here if anyone asks. But my point is that I would rather not have help from most people here, because most of you either don't understand what I am doing, or are trolls.

    Ok, so here is kind of the outline of the grow we just started. We have 3 people, so we can have 18 plants, we have 10 plants now.

    Strains growing now from seed:
    South African Kwazulu
    African Buzz
    Hindu Kush
    White Rhino
    Blue Mystic
    Early Durban

    Clones bought and growing:
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Danky Kong
    Gorilla Glue

    Seeds coming in the mail:
    Banana Crack
    White Strawberry Skunk
    Purple Bud
    Green Crack

    We will be hoping for a few of them to be males, and then when we get a male or 2 we will start making crosses. The crosses we want to get are African Strains X Aromatic/Flavor Strains X Kush/Haze/Cheese/Diesel/etc (Commercial) Strains. And I will make videos and take pictures of the grow, and teach people what lights to use, and what nutrients to use, and how to supercrop and top your plants, and how to make a clone, and how to use different things to get bigger buds the same way tomatoes can be grown on a metal cone frame in order to get bigger tomatoes, etc. so we will show everyone how to do everything, and we will be doing it with some pretty awesome strains.

    And before anyone says "Why would anyone watch videos of you teaching them something?", all the trolls probably remember my YouTube channel. I had 1,000.000 views and would have probably 10,000,000 by now if the Atheists hadn't got mad that I left their little YouTube show, because I was their only Religious person, so their show became about just Atheists agreeing with each other, which isn't a show. So they teamed up to take my channel down. I could make a new one, but I am just going to use Facebook. But anyways, my point is that people love learning these things from me, especially from the historical perspective I give them.

    Everyone else acts like Marijuana growing is Clinical and as if all the people growing in closets for the past 60 years figured it all out, and that's it. Lol. I just show people the truth and they love it.

    I also got 4x 26W CFL UVB lights just came in the mail. So that should be over 400W of 10.0 UVB light. That will boost THCv content and make the plants think they are in Africa.

    And I have a 1500W LED coming, along with 600W of Corn LED lights. And I already have 2x like 100W CFLs, plus 1x like 50W CFL.

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    Also, the misunderstanding might also come from the fact that very few if any people here grow out males and use them to pollenate other plants. And people that do, usually aren't thinking about Epigenetic type things.
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    Please move this out of Toke&Talk
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    I'll be tuned in bro!
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    Why? Some growing and varied discussion in TnT is more interesting.
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    More of ovo's signature intellectual dishonesty on display. A thread of fools and the trolls who like to wind them up ... does not qualify as the above, and your planting the suggestion shows your dog in this hunt.

    Mods, I request this thread be moved into the appropriate grow-related forum.
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    cannabineer is about to start screeching if the mods don't move this to the appropriate grow-related forum. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Looks like abe supercro masquerading as a sock has already begun the weekend Franzia a little early. Do you have enough?

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    I haven't had any alcohol in over 5 years. I just finished my delicious breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts raisins, local honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It was very irie!
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    Also, this is my Religion, I am a Hindu Shaivite. So while we will be staying within the legal Colorado limit, Religions are only limited to growing what they need for their congregation without allowing it to move into illegal channels.

    Here is the Religious case for this:

    To prove my case I use a mixture of Case Law (Law decided by the Courts), Statutory Law (Law decided by Congress), Fundamental Law (Constitutional Rights and operations of the Courts and Congress as stated in the Constitution,etc), Historical Evidence to prove the reality of the Religion, and even DEA and FDA Administrative Regulations. This is not the whole case, but it is an outline that anyone could show to their lawyer and ask them to apply it to their situation. As long as you are actually growing Religiously, and not just using Religion as an excuse to sell Bud.

    Hinduism is the only Ancient World Religion that has survived through Abraham, Jesus and Muhammed and is practiced by 15% of the World's current population. India is the only country in which the people living there are still using the same Temples and Holy Sites that they used over 4500 years ago when the first Hindu Holy Book, the Rig Veda, was written. Marijuana has been a part of every large society, from Ancient China, India and Egypt, to Ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle East and Europe. The word Indica means "From India" the word Sativa means "To Cultivate". The word "Ganja" comes from the Ganges River and the word "Kush" comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains, where it is believed the first Marijuana seeds came from. Lord Shiva is the Lord of Marijuana, the Lord of Bhang. Shiva is what happens when you smoke Marijuana, Shiva is what happens when you Dance. Shiva is simply a force of Nature and can not be denied. The DEA allows for corporations to legally Manufacture, Import (through customs), Distribute/Sell, etc, Marijuana (by the Ton), Coca leaf and Cocaine (by the ton), substances like LSD, 2C-I, DOM, etc, there are companies that have licenses to Manufacture or Import not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 substances, but some places are allowed to Manufacture and Import 50+ Schedule I and Schedule II substances. And in August 2016 the opened up registration for companies to begin doing this with Marijuana, as the University of Mississippi was the only place allowed to do it under Federal law before (for the Federal Marijuana patients), and this was seen by the DOJ as a Monopoly, so the DEA opened up registration.

    The way this works is called DEA form 225, protocol found in 21 CFR 1301.18; 81 FR 53846. And the Free Exercise Clause states that Congress shall make no laws to prohibit the Free Exercise of Religion. If a corporation has been given a right or opportunity, that same right or opportunity must be given to Religions. The way the courts have stated it previously is that "If Marijuana laws are equally applied to everyone, then we can apply them to your Religion", well they are no longer being equally applied to everyone.

    United States v. E.C. Knight Co 156 US 1 (1895)
    Swift & Co v. United States 196 US 375 (1905)
    Normaco v. DEA, No. 02-1211 (DC Cir. 2004)
    John Doe Inc v. DEA 484 F.3d 561 (DC Cir. 2007)

    This right must be afforded to Religions whether or not they are mainstream
    Cutter v. Wilkinson 544 US 709 (2005)
    Obergefell v. Hodges 576 US ___ (2015)

    All Sacraments - being "Sacred Food" - are not "Drugs" as defined under 21 USC S 321(g)(1) of the FD&C Act which defined a "Drug" as "An article that is intended for the use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals and articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or function of the body of man or other animals".

    "But beyond all these matters, no purpose of action against Religion can be imputed to any legislation, State or National, because this is a Religious People. This is Historically true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour"
    Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States 143 US 457 (1892)

    A Law is only a Law if it fulfills Constitutional promises, the Constitution being the only thing that allows laws to exist, via the Commerce Clause, etc. But Congress shall not write Laws that prohibit Religion.
    Hilton v. Guyot 159 US 113 (1895)
    Walz v. Tax Comm'n of City of New York 397 US 664 (1970)
    Leary v. United States 395 US 6 (1969)
    United States v. Alfonso D. Lopez Jr. 514 US 549 (1995)
    United States v. Alvarez 567 US ___ (2012)

    A Church is not much different in nature than a State, see Texas v. White 74 US 700 (1868). Religion is a form of COMITY INTER GENTES from AFFLATUS. The Separation of Church and State in the Establishment Clause exists because of the fact that Religion used to be the State, as it is now in Vatican City and the Holy See, Churches may be a party to CONCORDAT see Ponce v. Roman Catholic Church 210 US 296 (1908); Respublica v. DeLongchamps 1 US 111 (1784); Serban Orthodox Diocese v. Milivojevich 426 US 696 (1976); Presbyterian Church v. Hull Church 393 US 440 (1969).

    "The term "Religious Exercise" includes any Exercise of Religion, whether or not compelled by, or central to, a system of Religious belief."
    42 USC S 2000cc-5(7)(a)

    "The general characteristics of Schedule I substances cannot carry the day"
    Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetal 546 US 418 (2006)
    Church of the Holy Light of the Queen v. Eric Holder, No. 13-35058 (9th Cir. 2014)

    "Congress must first enact a Law criminalizing an activity, attach a penalty, and give the Federal courts Jurisdiction"
    Hudson v. United States 522 US 93 (1997)

    "Congress shall make no Laws prohibiting the Free Exercise of Religion"
    The Free Exercise Clause of the 1st Amendment

    "If a Government confronts an individual with a choice that pressures the individual to forgo a Religious practice, whether by imposing a penalty or withholding a benefit, then the Government has burdened the individuals Free Exercise of Religion"
    Sherbert v. Verner 374 US 398 (1963)

    "Even neutral laws can be used Unconstitutionally"
    Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 US 356 (1886)
    42 USC S 2000bb(a)(2)

    "Conduct business in accordance with their Religious beliefs"
    Burwell v. Hobby Lobby 573 US ___ (2014)

    Laws can not Covertly or Overtly forbid the practice of any Religion
    Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. Hialeah 508 US 520 (1993)
    United States v. Price 383 US 787 (1966)
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    More of your usual lies, abe supercro.
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    Ok so move it to the religion thread .
    Either way it will reach more folks that give a fuck.


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    You need better weed. Sound really uptight
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    Btw. I have the 4x UVB lights and the CFLs, but I am waiting for the other lights to come still, but I will start taking pictures once I have those and the other seeds (Banana Crack, etc)
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    Also, the Banana Crack is supposed to smell and taste like Bananas, Peaches and Cream or something, and the White Strawberry Skunk is supposed to taste and smell like Strawberries.

    So the goal is to take the African strains, which have THCv generally, but then each one has its own unique genetics on top of that, and those genetics will bring out new hairs, and new resin glands, and new colors, and new things like that, while the THCv genetics will add THCv. Then those strains will be crossed with Aromatic Strains like the Banana Crack and the White Strawberry Skunk, which should bring out Aromatic genetics and make them have strong smells and flavors. Then lastly I will cross them with Commercial strains just to bring out different things like yield, and trichombs, and all the normal stuff. And maybe once those have the genetics locked in, breed some of them back with African strains and Aromatic strains.
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    Blue Wizard

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    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    See, this is what I am talking about. Either you don't understand what is going on in this picture or you are a troll.

    This picture you are showing is a grow I did where I was stressing plants, and these plants were in the first stages. Why don't you show the pictures of the plants that were being grown sideways? Or the plant that was chopped in half on purpose which you all said "would die" but grew like 2 full plants instead?

    Of course I had to go to Texas and end the grow before I finished, and I was working on an extremely tight budget as I had not won my court case yet and had warrants out in Texas. But I have since won my case, gotten better lights, gotten better genetics (those plants you are showing are from bagseed also, nothing against bagseed, but it's not meant for the best pictures).

    Anyways, basically, you quoted me, then made my point. Either you do not understand what is going on in this picture, or you are a troll. And you have shown over and over and over that you either don't understand what epigenetics are or want to remain ignorant of epigenetics.

    I will bring the evidence in the next post for you.
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