Oxy-Lsd combo

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Smokintoke, Dec 13, 2013.


    Smokintoke Active Member

    was pretty damn neat actually!
    10 mg of OC + 1 B.U.N.K. lsd blotter made for an awesome night.

    the oxy was dosed 30 minutes before the lsd was because they are time release. then another 10 mgs of it later after the peak. Anyway my reason for this thread was to ask if anyone has tried this combo? cause this single hit trip was more intense visually then any of the others i had off of this strip, and i think it was the oxy potentiating the lsd i mean it sounds kinda crazy but that was an awesome trip for one dose.

    keep in mind though that im insane and LSD makes me feel and act like a normal functioning member of society so i eat it fairly often in low and high doses. but for a 1 hit. WOW! totally blew my minds door of the hinges!

    I LOVE LUCY SOOOOO MUCH. I like feeling normal

    Skuxx Well-Known Member

    I used oxy daily for a few years, and did a good amount of L in that time. After I quit opiates, and took my regular dose of lucy, I was FRIED. So I think opiates take away some of the mental aspect of the trip for me. Maybe some of the visual too... it's been too long to remember. The best thing to mix with L is more psychedelics imo. Or some mdma.

    Smokintoke Active Member

    well i would have like to but having to drive home i like to stay within reality. it was still sweet though and the only reason i ate the tab is because i just traded two outa 3 that i had for the oc. and well franky it was real slow at work haha.

    but yea more psychs in the proper setting its nice

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    You're not taking enough lsd if you can feel the effects of oxycontin..just saying...

    Smokintoke Active Member

    i couldnt single out just one thing it was such a wonderfull blissmas

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    I like mixing them. Really any opiate and tripping. I usually dose a psychedelic on whatever dosage I feel is good and then afterwards(or during, or before, or all of those..) I'll do other things. Opiates are fun for me by just making me.. All warm.. I'm sure you felt pretty great :p

    Sometimes I trip for introspection when I am alone or if there are no other drugs involved. But most of the time these days I'm doing all sorts of stuff while on psychedelics. Doesn't really cost much and colors are a great addition to any night. Plus the inevitable thought enhancing. But sometimes I go a little far and forget a lot

    It seems to always be a mixture of alcohol Kratom and weed
    Or I'll nuke myself with Xanax or something to fall asleep
    Orrr I'll take some opiates
    No drinkin with the pills though

    Smokintoke Active Member

    i think the the reason was the low dose of oxy acting as a stimulant and thats why it made it so extra visual plus the enormous amounts of pot and honey oil i smoke too

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