P1000 LED talk


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First time ive seen them, I had heard they had jumped on the bad wagon.

Should be good for 1.5x1.5 ft in flower, I would say their coverage of 2x2ft is pushing it a bit.

We have an LED sub forum in the indoor growing section.

looking on here
I can tell you they are overestimating their lights capabilities as per usual.
They also clearly don't know much about lighting schedules.
I did the math on their DLI/Jmol. It was barely scraping by as far as what is required for cannabis.
I agree that they are a one per plant light and since I was only doing a small set up I picked up two.
So far though I'm actually pressed. The stocky structure these light promote is the biggest surprise. It's comparable to a sodium halide grow.
Ill keep you posted on flowering. The strain im growing isnt a huge producer so in that respect it will be difficult to gauge.
So far for the price, low heat, and Veg capabilities..... I'm happy.


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based on spectrum and radient power (lumens/LER) it seems like these two lights would be a little better than a single 250 watt HPS