Patience is a virtue


And I wish I had some! Seems like one of the hardest part of growing so far for me is having the patience to let the plant do it’s damn thing. Especially around harvest time. Plants be lookin and smellin so good, I just wanna pick em, and smoke em! Even during germination, I wanna poke and prod the soil after a few days. Which I think may have led to some unsuccessful germinations. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? Anywho, I’m coming up on 9 weeks on these. Thinking 1 more week and re-evaluate. 2 at the most. Sound about accurate? Full shots were from yesterday, close up is last Friday.D25733B9-62B6-4A9D-B84E-26970A4101F5.jpegCE21AD8E-084A-44EA-996E-115AFC7EC586.jpeg