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    With the KNf2s there is a pheno that shows up that has a Sativa like frame and keeps lengthening branches and roots through flower. Northern Lights #5 is said to have some Thai in it and this could be showing that. Peak IBLs (NL, Blueberry,
    Sweet Skunk and c99) are great for crossing with your faves!
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  2. might want to keep that o the down low. if it's not broke...

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    You do know it literally has this same email on his webpage? It used to be the hush mail address and now it is the above mentioned email.

    How on Earth would you keep that on the down low? And what did you mean by if it's not broke...?

    One of us is way too stoned brother. lol bongsmilie
  4. i was stoned and i'm stoned now too. never the less i was lucid then as well as now.
    a lot of folks weren't around for all the Overgrow days when the big bang hit our community.
    all big sites had forums with security as the topic. with that said we didn't openly expose vendors contact info at least not ones we liked lol. are you smelling what i'm saying yet or are you too stoned ?

    if not then here you go i plain english. It is not cool to openly reveal jack shit about companies/vendors we want to stay in business. This is often lost on folks who feel their personal situation is pretty safe or legal even. These folks forget all the rest who don't enjoy that safety they do. They run there moths i open forums when what they are saying should be done via pm's. It's called smart dealings and respect for those we deal with so far as vendors are concerned.

    now, did i male sinse to you or not ?
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    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    Unless you are MikeJ himself(which I know you are not), no offense but stfu.
    He has had a public website since 2001 stating his contact. His email recently had to be changed and many may not know that. He also encourages sharing of info on his genetics on sites such as this.
    He has not been around for so long because he lives in some hillbilly state.
    On that note I highly encourage everyone to order and grow his great gear.
    Cheers :)

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Sure, if it was the case the MikeJ had a secret bean selling business then I would agree with you but see as how Mikej has this website,, then I'd have to say there is no flipping secret to keep and in fact MJ ask people to spread the good word.

    That's why I asked if you were high.

    For what it's worth I've been growing since 2000, I lived through the "overgrow" and I actually had a payment headed to Mark emery that was grabbed by the feds who then sent me a letter asking me to "send more money to complete my order" pretending to be Emery. Been there and done that

    Things have changed since then, lol.

    Here's to the dumbest post of March
  8. i see what you mean and no offense taken. i will stfu as you have commanded. you did ask me to explain myself though didn't you. next time don't ask and i won't tell. how bout that !
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    Well all four of the remaining c99 are up and going. I thought the little runt was a dud but it's humming along now.

    The more developed seedlings are c99, the others are 2 Cookies'n'Chem and a louis viii og.
    back neck.jpg

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    Does he have a pure C99? All I could find was a sweet skunk cross of it.
    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    It's off menu, email and ask if it's available...I'm sure the answer will be yes.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had to email him directly and ask for c99. I didn't ask him what c99s he sent me because I know he was working with a few different pheno/female cuts. From what I've seen of Mike J's work over the years I'm sure I'll find a nice pineapple cut and perhaps a descent male to boot.
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  13. i will mos def grab some more peak gear down the road. i ordered northern berry years ago and screwed them up. not even sure how after all these years. ordered Pluton 2 from sssc too and eventually lost them. they never reappeared in all my moves grrr. that may be older than some of you are alive now lol.

    i'll try to take a stab at his BB, SWT SK. and sk.berry. I avoided sweet skunk for years. mainly because i liked the skunk before they went to the sweet side like assholes and made the road skill almost extinct. fine to go to the sweet side but let the road kill thrive too. now tons wish they had that road kill/original skunk.

    i have not let go of my BB fascination after puffing and growing the Pre 2K BB that became my favorite strain of all time. i was able to throw some pollen at it before retirement in 09 but i have yet to test them. many were gifted/traded and i fear some have tried to work it on the DL and just do a name change. That's one reason why personal project strains won't be given/traded away anymore. lesson learned. the other reason is that the hands go up for testers and the testers don't test them as promised openly in a simple grow show. So, fuck trusting assholes that pretend to be legit and are only legit pretenders lol.

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    The BC sweet skunk is not a skunk at all. :P

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    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Keep KushBerry on the radar
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    I did not ask lol
    But honestly I apologize for being such a dick about it. There was no need for it and it was uncalled for. I could of said what I did without the douchebaggery.
    Cheers :)
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    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Interesting Info
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    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    He does have just c99. It is just not listed like underground said. Email him asking he has it.
    Cheers :)

    40AmpstoFreedom Well-Known Member

    Yeah really glad to hear this can't wait to explore it. Mosca's C99 bx was amazing quality pineapple all day long with some being accented by a very distant grape smell after 1 month + cure
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  20. nope it was not you it was thenotsoesoteric with the question. i think u just asked if i was high question wise.

    at any rate i appreciate your graciousness and apology. as you can likely gleam from my reply I'm not an uptight or sensitive dude at all. i talk straight with no chaser on the regular. if i fuck up i don't mind saying so. if i did wrong i will apologize freely. if attacked i will defend in a witty/funny manner usually or just point blank truthfully lol. namaste

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