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    I had terrible luck with electronics this weekend. First got my leds hooked up amd 1 driver shits on me. Get the hps back up the ballast fries on startup! So im rocking half my led light and a couple other cheap leds in my flower tent until my second driver gets here.

    Will toss up a couple pics of my poor sssdh tonight. Hes barely had light since thursday. Had to remove from tent due to stretch, and was gonna throw him under some cheap leds but had to use them in flower tent. Hopefully he'll pull through. Gonna toss a few low watt cfls by him until the other driver gets here.

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    This is exactly right. Just discovered it a couple days ago. Plants are having cal issues, veg they are light green with a few rust spots, the flpwering plants just have a few rust spots. Its there just not being taken, due to low ph like you said.

    Switched last week from using single gallon jugs to a 5 gal res. Me thinks the ph is altering as the solution sits. Didnt have this problem using single gallons but they were used up the day they were made up.

    Initially i thought it was due to roughing up the roots during transplant, but this was not the case.

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    Well turns out the ph isnt changing over time. I was using slightly to little ph up. Got that in check and things are looking better. Really considering blumats right now for my flowering room. Would love to only have to worry about watering my veg tent/clones.

    Finally got my driver in and got my led light hung. Really liking this light right now.

    Tossing the 3 pv and 3 tpr into flower today! Cloned all 6 yesterday. Had to cull my sssdh due to room for 1, and it hadnt had any light in 1.5 weeks. Still looked pretty good though. If i had room i woulda kept it going.

    Still not sure why, but i popped a Cannaventure Pure Raspberry Kush, and a Docs Dank GG4. And bought an 11 pack of Bodhis Sunshine Daydream from Midweek Song. Guess im switching to more a sog style instead of fewer bigger plants. Should get a couple males at least outta the tpr/pv.

    And i chopped a gdp this am. Chopped this guy at 8 weeks exactly. Usually like to let em go longer but he was looking pretty done. Will throw up pics of pv/tpr/gdp/gths later on today or tomorrow morning.



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    Whats up guys. Few pics for the week.

    Gdp 3 frosty af. Takes the cakes in every way compared to gdp 1. Next gdp 3 gonna run 9 weeks compared to this one at 8 weeks.


    Gdp 1 top vs gdp 3 bottom, 3 would have more purple if i let it go longer.


    Gdp 3




    Og gth #1 plant 1 pretty sure the 2 i have are of the same pheno


    Pv and tpr before culling 2 males. These 6 plants showed sex in 6 days, quickest for me.


    A males balls, lol. Forget if this is tpr or pv.


    Flowering tent as a whole.


    And a little hash i made. 73 micron bag. Mix of gdp 1 and humboldts purple trainwreck made this batch.


    Also ordered 2 26 watt 10.0 uvb bulbs and 8.5in reflectors. Excited to see what happens with these.
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    Veg tent here.

    Top left = gdp 3 clone, gonna make fem seeds via sts. Prolly make pollen with this clone and seeds with next clone. Maybe all in this plant if possible.

    Top right = gdp thatll be culled. Was gonna toss it in party cuo thread but its started too early.

    Bottom left = gth clone.

    Bottom right = docs dank gg4 s1 and cannaventure pure raspberry kush. The raspberry has had problems since he popped, not sure why buts hes starting to grow now.


    Think ima pop a single sunshine daydream tomorrow and hope for a female. Maybe next weekend.
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    Finally made it home! Said fuck tomorrow, which is actually now, and popped a ssdd! Only 1 of 11, maybe itll be a female.

    Really want anoyher bodhi strain. Really want kailash but glg only accepts cash, and i like cards or paypal. Think ima snag a dream lotus from the attitude, i dont have any blue dream in anything. Really want something crossed with the snow lotus male since its gone, or really want to pick up top dawg seeds chem 91 or stardawg, 1 of each at oes. But fuck 2 bills for seeds, could et 3 bodhi crosses for that! Maybe one day when i have balls ill get a pack, drooling over that stardawg now... night guys buy that shit so i dont.
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    Snagged another couple packs of seeds today.. i really need to stop. But gps was having a 40% off sale so i grabbed cookies n chem and copper chem. Reconsidering using my closet to flower instead of a tent. Got a pretty strong and long line up im wanting to run.

    Also planted 2 sunshine daydream today. Pretty excited for those, and im 99% sure i got a purple pheno with 1 of my tprs. Pistils are starting to turn color as they come up!

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    Hey guys. Good week for me, hope yours was the same. Finally decided the first couple weeks of March ima drop my 3x3 flower tent and flower in a 3x5 or 4x5 area in my closet. Closet is 7ft deep, 6ft wide 8ft ceilings. Prolly gonna end up doing a 3x5 with 24 strips and 3 185-24as.

    Finally found me some real purple. Purple voodoo buds are coming up purple, and both tpr are looking like theyre gonna change colors anyday.

    Purple Voodoo F5



    Og gth # 1 plant 4 weeks exactly into flower. Excited to see these colas after another 8 weeks. March 30 and we shall see.


    Outside branches kinda got away from me on the stretch of this one.


    Og gth #1 plant 2. 90% sure theyre the same pheno this one has just been getting a lot less light. Ran outta room in the tent and had to make a makeshift 1.5x2 flower spot for him. He finally went back in the tent yesterday.

    Hes also darker due to the fact that i kept feeding full strength under 130ish watts.



    Got a gdp 3 clone in flowwr now that ima use for pollen via sts, and another clone in veg that ill make seeds with. Then i can retire gdp!

    In veg ive got 1 purple voodoo, 1 gth, 1 gdp 3, 2x ssdd (unsexed), 1 gg4 fem, 1 pure raspberry kush fem. Gonna pick my favorite tpr soon and start vegging its clone.
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    Og gth 1 plant 1, sativa dom, 5 weeks 2 days flower.



    Og gth 1 plant 2, indica dom.




    Purple voodoo f5, 3 weeks exactly



    Triple Purple Rhino, 3 weeks.



    Gdp 3 thats supposed to make my pollen for fem seeds.


    Sorry for lights in some pics. Was still having ph issues. Finally got them resolved.

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    Nice strain and healthy looking moms :-) keep it up!
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    Thanks man. They could be in a little better shape. Some ca issues with a few plants due to ph issues i was having. Was around 5 so a little low, but its taken care of now for sure.

    Grower899 Well-Known Member

    Veg tent:

    Og gth 1 plant


    Gth 1 plant 1


    Docs dank gg4


    Tpr his and the pv were just transplanted. Theyll green up amd take off in the next couple days.




    Ssdd babies. Soil is going a little quicker than coco. More than likely due to said ph issues.

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    Also ordered another 14 strips for 28 total, and another driver for 4 total. My current veg tent is gonna be my clone tent, 3x3 flower tent will be the veg tent, and ill flower in a 4x5 section of my closet.

    More than doubling my sq ft, so im pretty excited. Gonna have me popping a las vegas triangle kush and a couple copper chems soon.

    And i grabbed a pack of las vegas triangle kush and chinook haze from gps with my nuggets.
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    Whats good riu. Chilling here with the homies watching how high smoking a 4g blunt. Dunno how ive never seen this movie, and wont remember it tomorrow am. Gonna have to watch it again, funny af.

    Plant pics tomorrow or monday. 2 gths are completely different, one is gonna be damn near done at 7 weeks. The other is still pushing new buds at week 6. Gonna be a 12 weeker for sure. Hoping its the brain melter everyone claims.

    Building one of my lights as we watch this movie for my 4x5 flower area. Stupid excited for more room! Fuck my day job i work harder when im off.

    Gdp plant 3



    Stay upppp
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    Whats up folks. All plants at 4 weeks exactly minus the gdp which is on week 2.

    Tpr plant 1



    Plant 2






    Gdp 3


    And the male branch for fem seeds.

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    Pics at 6 weeks 2 days.

    Og gth 1 plant 1, sativa dom, had some ca issues with tbis guy due to ph, then i dropped it completely, still looking like a good run, very excited for the next couple runs with this guy.



    Og gth 1 plant 2, indica dom. Gonna be a very quick finisher here. Also excited for the next run with him. Both pehons are sticking aroind for a bit at least.




    And one that just went in.


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    Got my third light built. Gotta finish the 4th during this week. Gotta redesign the other 2. Currently they are 18x36 gptta make em 24x24.

    Orca film is here tomorrow and i gotta get to hanging that, and running a few 2x4s across the ceiling for hanging shit. Getting close though! HOPEFULLY by the end of the weekend itll at least be up and running.
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