I did the Native American peyote ceremony. Big teepee, starts at sundown, about 24 people inside, fire in the middle. First come the whole buttons, taste like pure bitterness with a green kinda funk to it. It’s so hard to get down, hmmmph! Then comes the paste, okay it probably has some sugar or maybe it’s mixed with a nice marmalade, fuck no. It looks like black guacamole and tastes like pickled cat shit too. Fuck. My stomach is... Well all right now, here comes the peyote tea in a jar. Probably mixed with a spicy black chai, no sir, it’s just sour in a really bad way. The vomit trifecta goes around all night and there’s a water drum that sounds trippy to begin with, and Native songs. Right before dawn, they rake the glowing coals into the shape of an eagle. Afterward the “road man” talks to you about the medicine and how to use the experience to better yourself. You then might have three rounds of sweat lodge for some extra cleansing. I happened to have to play in a slow pitch softball tournament that morning. I get the first grounder and sailed the fucking ball over the first baseman and the fence. Everyone thinks I’m hungover and stoned again. After that I played out of my mind until the next day when I was hungover and stoned again. Respect the Red Road and the medicine can help you. The trip is mad cool too.


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definitely not peyote. just so you know, peyote takes years to grow and is increasingly endangered, so if you get one, know that it isn't going to be a quick trip and done kind of thing... if you get one, treat it like a family member... respect it, and in time it can help you find a new dimension of reality. Lophophora Williamsii is what you want.