PH Adjustment - Suggestion for Test kits/ Solutions?

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    I just used Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and perlite for my transplants and the PH is reading on a PH pen (analog style) at 7. I am not sure how accurate this is. I did it when the soil is moist and it always read right around the same. So this leads me to wanting to buy a PH tester and solutions to adjust the ph levels. Any suggestions on brand that would be the most reliable and stable for testing and solution to adjust? Also should Fox Farms Ocean Forest be reading around 7 PH level , or is my PH pen not accurate? My plants are looking pretty healthy aside from a little nute burn on some leaves from an issue I just got over. Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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    should work

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    Thanks. Didn't know if there was a special type or had to be powder form etc...
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