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    Hi guys 1 month and 3 weeks in veg ,using 5-3-8 nuts and calmg,5galon buckets ,water temperature about 20 C , last week all was good I checked ph and ec every 2 days and it's all was stable
    It's start in this week when I was gone 2 days,I came home the girls seen very bad and ph was above8 I change the res and sins then I can't go below ph7 I add ph down and after few hours it's up again to 7+

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    Ok so I'm fight to keep the ph down but after few hours it's keep getting to 7 ,and I don't want to use to Mach ph down ,the older roots turn yellow and abit tan color and I start to smell it,in that part it's prity clear that it's root rot .im keep looking for h2o2 but can find till now only the voodoo from advance nutrients any one use thet?

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    6.0 to 6.3pH for vegging in hydro. DWC

    For pathogens in the water use SM90.

    It's normal for pH to swing and you got to keep on it, it always changes. Plants eat and drink the water, that is why it swings.

    If it is really out of control you might have bacteria or pathogens.

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    Looks like nitrogen toxicity right? Now I keeped 0.4-0.3 ec all week and it's still like that any idea???

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    I had issue with any bacteria or somfing cuz its was really hard to keep ph let's say I had to down it every 2 -3days sadenly its start rise like crazy and after few hours it's cold up from 6 to 7 any way I change the res every 2 days and blich and scratch the hell of this buckets,spray in presher the roots with clear water and till now (a week or so) the ph pretty stable now I know the plants drink more water but for sure it's was not the case

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    hydroton rinsed?

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    Use H202 and SM90 combination. Read about thier use and how it fits your situation. Make sure your water is de chlorinated.

    Also just in case make sure the water level below the net pots is around 2 inches give or take.

    Bleach, H2O2 & Sulfer are good disinfectants of hydroponic equipment. I use sulfer to disinfect my wine buckets. If I didn't I would get bacteria in the fermentation process and blooms would appear.
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    they look hungry. feed them.

    .4 EC is nothing for a plant that size. They are eating that in 2 days max, which is why your ph shoots up quick. Feed them 1.2 EC

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    Man I was feed them at 1-1.2 ec and after the Leaves color change to green dark and they start curl down and the stam was week then I change to 0.3-0.4.any way I fink I will transplant them to soil

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