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    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Hey all,..........If your like me , i hate listening to the usual dull boring , prerecorded message , you get when no one is there to answer your call, you no like ..........Youve called john Brown , sorry i cant come to the phone, but if you leave your name & numba ill get back to u, thx John.............
    Well i reckon , members of the Canna community are more on to it & out there to leave such a crappy old message, & id like to hear some of the better messages youve come across, or mybe some youve left on your phone, maybe they'll be herbally induced!!

    Mines pretty simple...............U know the drum .............

    Whats yours??

    Ace Yonder

    Ace Yonder Well-Known Member

    Back when I had a phone, my voice mail message was invariably an attempt to trick people into thinking I had actually answered, so it was usually something like "Hello? ............... I can't hear you...... You really gotta speak up..... Just kidding, leave a message ::Beep::" And I'd change it about once a week so people wouldn't get used to it. I don't care if it makes me immature, that shit is funny every time. People leave the angriest messages.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I knew a guy whose outgoing message was a recording of him in conversation with another group of guys. I was overhearing him and I just thought he had taken the phone away from his mouth for a second. More blather and then a beep...I was so confused I called back only to hear the same shit all over again. So annoying that I don't speak to him anymore.

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