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3 quart gladware, not the best pinset ever, but not bad either...

Sub- hpoo, verm, gypsum, coir

Spawn- Panama MS LC

Note: the biggest pin in the pics is about 1/16" across, and the yellowish tint is part the camera flash and part the color that preceeds a sub pinning fully...

Pinset 010.jpg Pinset 005.jpg Pinset 008.jpg

Pinset 007.jpg Pinset 004.jpg Pinset 001.jpg

Pinset 002.jpg Pinset 003.jpg...:-P:-P:-P


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It's cool. If you make it right you'll love it. It's the only thing I've been smoking out of since I built it.
It's on the list...

Gots to get a ozone generator and a few more odds and ends, never stops ya know...