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    arcalion Active Member

    OK so i have these plants Black D.o.G by humboldt seeds, and before i put them in flower they were all fine, i topped them a bunch and once i put them in flower in my 1500W Cob Light and LST'd them and fed them a good feeding of 900PPM food they all seem to just be wilting on me, i checked the PH, i have it at 6.0-6.3. the run off was 1.4-2.2ec's
    this is my second time watering i also add 5ml Growers Recharge and 5ml of Mammoth P(I figured since i have Growers recharge and im using them i should not be having problems)
    my pots dried within 4 days. but theyre still super wilted. i cant figure out the problem and its just annoying me, i moved the Light up a bit and that didnt solve it, its not hot in my room doesnt get above 85F ever, the soil isnt too cold at night seeing as my other plants are doing great with the same sorta feeding.

    could it be i bent all my branches which caused a lot of stress on my plant and made it stop taking anything up + the fact that i put it into 12hrs?

    Theyre in Promix-HP

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    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    You letting them sit in their runoff?

    arcalion Active Member


    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    They don't look good, hopefully just extremely thirsty.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    you locked them up with additives and nutrients.
    water lightly, shallow, and return to veg schedule for best results

    arcalion Active Member

    It' still a lock up even though it' 1.6ecs?
    The last time I didn't even feed just did a watering with 6.6PH trying to higher the PH

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    You have to work up the fertilizer concentration slowly so they get used to more as they need it.

    Also maybe the light is too much for them right away. It is good to start it farther away and get them used to it in steps.

    Combined with the topping and lst and maybe not enough recovery time they are very stressed.

    Cold roots could also make them droop like that.
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    polishpollack Well-Known Member

    "my pots dried within 4 days. but theyre still super wilted."

    If your soil is dry, you'd expect the leaves to wilt. If the soil is always wet, then you've over watered. 85F is kind of high for an indoor grow. Do you have a fan moving air?
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    could be. whenever I see additives used and wilting after watering ph and ppm's always come to mind.
    stop feeding, water only until healthy before feeding then flower.

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    they do look thirsty got some early yellow on bottom to kinda cooked

    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    Besides being droopy, the leaves look normal, no weird colors or burns. It's probably shock from them changing to flowering , new light schedule and being trained and possibly over nuted (all at once) . If they were mine I'd maybe rinse once well and then nute and water very conservatively until they recover.

    arcalion Active Member

    Yeah I thought, it was all the above. I fed my plants recently 2 days ago with about 1.0EC and the PH at 6.3 the next day they were looking great. Then yesterday I go back in the room and there droopy again. This is gotta be a PH buffer problem but I can't figure out why. Also during this feeding I didn' include growers recharge or mammoth piss
    Lights aren't on yet so I'll check tonight and see if the problem is there.

    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    I measure my nutes in ml or tsp/tbls so I have no idea what concentration 1.0EC is. You may have flushed the roots with your nute solution and it initially liked it, but only until the new nutes starting clogging up the roots up again. Hold off nutes completely and see if they respond. I still think it would have been a good idea to have flushed them well with ph'd water to get rid of the accumulation of nutes and salts at the roots. Double check what you use to measure your water ph. Is it accurate? Also, if you do flush well, give them a day or two because that much flushing of water will still be a negative for them in the short term until the soil dries out and more oxygen reaches the roots (you haven't been overwatering to begin with, have you?). As I replied earlier, your leave's colors look good, so this problem should be a relatively easy fix. Oxygen starvation or too much salts and nutes at the roots could be the cause
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    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    5 ml of mammoth p??? IF your using the same stuff that im thinking of, your only suppose to use 1 ml per gal when you feed. at least that's what the directions on my bottle say. That and adding the Growers recharge was probably far to many additives for how big they are. I would just try flushing first , let pots dry out . what kind of soil are you using?

    arcalion Active Member

    Haha I mean 5ml for 15litres sorry; but I find this stuff doesn't work or give sizeable results for the price same with growers recharge; definitey not worth buying and sticking to a A +B feedings; I've fixed my problems by feeding then stronger

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