Potting up a Hempy, what do you use?


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So i do most my growing in 3g and 5g Hempys. i use Hydroton from the drain hole down and 100% Perlite up top.
i have a small veg space that wont accommodate the 3 or 5 gal buckets. i have used solo cups to veg in but my growth dies right off at 2 weeks as the roots got no more room. i would like to veg 4+ weeks so i can have a plant size ready to flower.

right now i start in 2" rockwool cubes for a few days then into the 3 or 5 gal and i have to change the lights over in the big tent to veg the plant to a decent size.

what are you guy using besides going right to final container?

how long could i veg in a 6" rockwool cube?