Preparing for my next grow, Help me do it better?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Lite, Nov 12, 2017.


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    Howdy hey. So I'm a little less than 2 months from harvesting my pineapple plant and It's time to get another one going.

    I dropped the ball and my dog ate all of my clones I had sitting in the window.

    I ordered 3 Gorilla Glue #1 seeds from awb

    My prior grow I did a 25% perlite 75% coco in a smartpot. I feel like i should be going closer to 33/66? or even 50/50?

    Also, thoughts on planting a seedling (grown in a 1.5x1.5 start pot) straight into its final home? I am planning on going with either 2 7 gallon pots in a 4x4 next time or 1 15 gallon in a 4x4.

    I had never heard of silica before today. Sorry boss, dropped the ball again on here. I have some GH armor si comin.


    Any advice or critiques from my prior grow that I can prevent in the setup of my next would be greatly appreciated.

    reference grow journal for how my current one is setup.



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    What LEDs are you running?

    theflowerman.dc Active Member

    You should look into viparspectra,

    Very affordable yet very good led,

    All those leds you got are killing your electric bill, get one good one instead of 10 cheap ones

    SchmoeJoe Well-Known Member

    If the seeds are fem then definitely put them straight into the pots they'll finish in. They'll never slow their growth from getting maxed out in their pots or being transplanted. You'll just have to pay close attention to how heavy the pot is to tell when to water as normal. It'll be awhile. At first with seedlings in a big pot all you have to do is mist the surface of the soil a bit to keep it from drying out until their roots have gone deep to not be affected by it.
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    It is 2x LightTimeTunnel 400w cobs (actually 400w each). And @theflowerman.dc viperspectra are crap, no thanks.The two LED panels I have are cheap but are both good for supplemental side lighting. both are about 100w each actual draw.
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