Problem in week four yellow leaves! Please help

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    DankGriff Member

    Hi all,
    I am growing some critical + 2.0 in a small grow box at home. Run into some problems now and need some expert advice.
    Any help or advice you can give would be great :)

    I'll list the main info below for convenience rather than rattle on! :)

    Strain- Critical + 2.0 by Dinafem seeds
    Stage - week 4 of flower
    Medium - biobizz light mix
    Light - 2 x cfl bulbs
    Temps - between 20c and 28c
    Nutrients - canna flora
    Feed schedule- <5ml per 1.5 litre mix fed between watering once every 2 days. Only about 0.5 litre or less each time.

    Ok now all that's out the way. Some pictures below. :) 20180208_193757.jpg

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    ColoradoHighGrower Well-Known Member

    Are those dark splotches mold?

    DankGriff Member

    Not that I ak aware of

    DankGriff Member

    Thinking it looked like fungus gnats but no signs of the bugs themselves!?

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    No bugs flying around?

    DankGriff Member

    No can't see any at all bud.
    Will have another check when imI back later but I did have a good look
    Nutty sKunK

    Nutty sKunK Well-Known Member

    What’s your water? Around this time plants seem to require more of just about everything.

    Make sure your supplementing sufficient calcium, that’s my thought on dark patches.

    The yellowing looks like low N or early senescence. Perhaps due to too high a ratio of P/K..
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    You would know if there were, the little buggers love the light when they're adults and are rather annoying so I question fungus mites.
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    DankGriff Member

    Hi man.

    Thanks for the reply.

    It's It just tap water I usually leave overnight before using.
    I try water between feed usually every other day.
    Havent got a pH meter unfortunately.
    Ran some power plant last time round and had no issues using similar dose. Power plant is quite resilient so maybe why.

    I'm only using canna flora at the moment at quite a low dose yet i noticed some nutrient burn quiet soon into flower so have eased off a little.

    Are there any products you would recommend I try?

    DankGriff Member

    Help me save my girl. Half plant showing deficiencies!
    I posted have tried rescuing but seems i have now over fed.

    Buds are looking and smelling amazing now in week four but I fear she’s going to give up on me.

    Took the best photos is can below. It's strange as it only seems to be half the plant??

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